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Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 61° F


45 %


Light Breeze

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Local Time
03:01 PM


Time until Sunset
02:59 hrs

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Basketball courts near Woodland Street

Name Distance Rating
Burncoat Prep School, 26 Burncoat St 1.6 miles
Kendrick Park, 13-35 Brooks St 2.5 miles
Beamer Boyce Court Number 2, 188-254 Shrewsbury St 2.6 miles
Beamer Boyce's Club Basketball, 93-145 Shrewsbury St 2.9 miles
Shore Park, 43 Indian Hill Rd 3.2 miles
CRA Courts, 405-433 Main St 3.4 miles
Holland Rink Playground, 441 Lincoln St 3.7 miles
Shrewsbury High School Courts, 64 Holden Street 4.1 miles
International Streetball Courts of Dawson, 220-226 Salisbury St 4.2 miles
McGrath, 69 Monadnock Rd 4.4 miles
Umass Medical Courts, N Rd 4.9 miles
Fuller Apartment Court, 79 Institute Rd 5.1 miles
Mill Pond Court, 86 Odonnell Avenue 5.1 miles
Cristoforo Colombo Park, 18 E Shelby St 5.3 miles
Harrington Field, Harrington Way 5.5 miles
St. John's Basketball Court, 436-438 Main Street 5.5 miles
Doherty Memorial High School, 379-391 Highland St 5.7 miles
Foley Stadium, 300 Chandler St 6.2 miles
Oread Castle Park, 4 Ely St 6.2 miles
Ingleside Avenue Historic District, 97 Arthur St 6.4 miles
Crompton Park, 356-374 Harding St 6.5 miles
Spring Street Elementary School, 123 Spring Street 6.6 miles
West Sterling Athletic Fields, 15 Holden Rd 6.6 miles
Logan Court, 10-12 Airport Dr 6.7 miles
Vernon Hill Playground, 160-176 Providence St 6.9 miles
Dean Park, 11R Fieldstone Drive 7 miles
University Park, 42-94 Illinois St 7 miles
Bittersweet Circle Court, 33 Arrowwood Drive 7.7 miles
Ashford Crossing Half-Court, 11 Old Laxfield Road 7.8 miles
East Millbury Park, 3 Barbara St 8.3 miles
Toblin Hill Drive Court, 10 Toblin Hill Drive 8.6 miles
Stony Hill Road Court, 135 Stoney Hill Road 8.7 miles
Avalon Indoor Halfcourt, 890 Hartford Turnpike 9 miles
Robert E. Melican Middle School, 145 Lincoln Street 9.1 miles
Lincoln St Elementary School, 76 Lincoln St 9.4 miles
Shrewsbury YMCA Court, 4 Valente Drive 9.6 miles

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