1. United States
  2. Warrington, PA
  3. Partridge Pl 1019

Bradford green



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 62° F


50 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
11:00 AM


Time until Sunset
07:21 hrs

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Basketball courts near Bradford green

Name Distance Rating
Lower Nike Park, 582 Mockingbird Way 0.6 miles
Samuel Carpenter Park, Keith Valley Rd 1.8 miles
Motorola Court, 101 Tournament Dr 2.1 miles
Warrington Playground, Continental Dr 2.1 miles
Skyhawk Park, Skyhawk Ave 2.5 miles
Windlestrae Park, 109 Rose Twig Ln 2.6 miles
Oxford Drive, Oxford Dr 2.7 miles
Palomino Park, 2015 Palomino Dr 2.8 miles
Turk Road, Turk Rd 3.3 miles
Valley Glen Park, 1821 Appaloosa Rd 3.4 miles
Maple Avenue, 200 Maple Avenue 3.5 miles
Bucks County Jail, Almshouse Rd 3.7 miles
Town Sports, Highpoint Dr 3.7 miles
Spring Valley Park, Spring Valley Dr 3.8 miles
Hideaway Court, 409 W County Line Rd 3.9 miles
Witmer Park, Witmer Rd 3.9 miles
Hidden Pond Park, Long Pond Dr 4 miles
The Goddard School, 520 Stump Rd 4 miles
Central Park, Wells Rd 4.3 miles
Westminster Sewaget, Log College Dr 4.3 miles
Saint Alphonsus School, 25 Conwell Drive 4.4 miles
Hunt Club, 87 Meadowbrook Rd 4.6 miles
James Work Stadium, Alumni Ln 4.6 miles
St Judes Roman Catholic School, 323 West Butler Avenue 4.6 miles
Temple University, 1562 Campus Dr 4.7 miles
Maple Glen Elementary School, 1557-1565 Fort Washington Avenue 4.8 miles
Oxford Park, 428 Welsh Rd 4.8 miles
Sauerman Playground, Sauerman Rd 5 miles
South Easton Road, 2001 S Easton Rd 5.1 miles
Skrobul Road Park, 2603 Eberly St 5.2 miles
Warwick Community Park, Meyer Way 5.2 miles
Eaton Memorial Park, W Moreland Ave 5.4 miles
Mondauk Common, 1451 Dillon Rd 5.4 miles
Aidenn Lair Park, 1716 Bantry Dr 5.5 miles
Jarrettown Elementary School, 1520 Limekiln Pike 5.5 miles
War Memorial Field, 303 W State St 5.6 miles
Argyle Avenue, 610 Argyle Ave 5.7 miles
Stover Drive Court, Stover Dr 5.7 miles
Link Belt Park, Walnut St 6 miles
Jefferson Avenue, Jefferson Ave 6.3 miles
LA Fitness, 1175 Virginia Dr 6.3 miles
Knapp Elementary School, 698 Knapp Road 6.4 miles
Bridge Valley Elementary School, 2280 Sugar Bottom Road 6.5 miles
Rockspray Court, W Rockspray Rd 6.5 miles
Warminster Heights Lacy Park, Downey Dr 6.5 miles
Madison / Prospect Ave, 1200 Prospect Avenue 6.7 miles
Park Playground, S Main St 6.7 miles
Round Meadow Elementary School, 3660 Reiniger Rd 6.7 miles
Upper Moreland Primary School, 3980 Orangemans Road 6.7 miles
Fern Village Park, 613 Preston Ln 6.8 miles
Gwynedd Valley, 313 Gwynedd Ave 6.8 miles
Willow Hill School, Coolidge Ave 6.8 miles
Manorlu Court, 850 Twining Rd 6.9 miles
Moore Road, 3505 Moore Rd 6.9 miles
Syzmanek Park, E Street Rd 6.9 miles
Willow Grove Day Camp, Turnpike Dr 6.9 miles
Crestmont Park, Rubicam Ave 7.1 miles
Mineral Avenue, Mineral Avenue 7.1 miles
Carson Simpson Farm, 3405 Davisville Rd 7.2 miles
Roslyn Park, 2806 Anzac Ave 7.3 miles
Ardsley Park, Maple Ave 7.4 miles
Woodlawn Park, 504 Division Avenue 7.6 miles
AM Kulp, 801 Cowpath Rd 7.7 miles
Munro Community Park, Newtown Rd 7.9 miles
North Hills Community, 216 Mill Rd 7.9 miles
Clement Courts, 110 Allison Rd 8 miles
Masons Mill Park, 3401 Masons Mill Rd 8 miles
Roy-Chester Park, 1819 Harding Ave 8 miles
Parkside Place, Parkside Pl 8.1 miles
Redcoat Court, 7014 Redcoat Dr 8.1 miles
Redcoat Drive, 7036 Redcoat Dr 8.1 miles
Wedgewood Drive, 894 Wedgewood Dr 8.2 miles
Orion Playground, Orion Dr 8.3 miles
Copper Beech Elementary School, 825 North Easton Road 8.4 miles
Penbryn Park, Houston Ave 8.5 miles
Whites Road Park, 630 Green St 8.6 miles
Bucks Mont Indoor Sports Center, 2278 North Penn Road 8.8 miles
Northampton Municipal Park, Hatboro Rd 8.8 miles
Hatfield Community Park Court, 2109-2121 North Chestnut Street 8.9 miles
Wentz Run Park, 1000 Anvil Lane 9.2 miles
Harry Renninger Park, Parkside Ln 9.3 miles
Calvin Playground, 1200 Calvin Rd 9.4 miles
Kipling Court, 1176 Kipling Ct 9.4 miles
Plains Mennonite Court, 1525 Welsh Rd 9.5 miles
St Genevieve School, 1237 Bethlehem Pike 9.5 miles
Wissahickon Park, 112 College Ave 9.5 miles
Upper Township, Second Street Pike 9.6 miles
Jenkintown Elementary School, 325 Highland Avenue 9.7 miles
Lakeview Drive, 785 Jolly Rd 9.7 miles
Bethana School, Second Street Pike 9.8 miles
Briarwood Day Camp, 1380 Creek Rd 9.8 miles
Long Meadow Road, Long Meadow Rd 9.9 miles

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