1. United States
  2. Tampa, FL
  3. 501-599 E Emily St

Robles Park Courts



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 71° F


93 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
03:15 AM


Time until Sunrise
03:48 hrs

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Basketball courts near Robles Park Courts

Name Distance Rating
W Indiana Drive Courts, 611 W Indiana Ave 0.8 miles
Riverside Park Courts, 3000-3098 N Decatur Ave 1.7 miles
Wellswood Park Center, 4901-5005 North Howard Avenue 2 miles
University of Tampa Courts, 701-799 W North B St 2.2 miles
Desoto Park, 300-398 South 26th Street 2.6 miles
Harbor Island Athletic Club, 900 S Harbour Island Blvd 2.7 miles
Oak Grove Junior High School, 6315 North Armenia Avenue 2.7 miles
Tampa Bears Court, 6800 North Rome Avenue 2.8 miles
Scorpio Circle, 6133-6165 Scorpio Circle 2.9 miles
Riverview Terrace Playground, 202-298 E Hanlon St 3 miles
Jesuit High School, 700-798 West Cayuga Street 3.1 miles
Hyde Park, 821 S Rome Ave 3.2 miles
E 21st Ave Courts, 4505 E 21st Ave 3.3 miles
Mosty Holy Church, 10110 North Central Avenue 4.5 miles
Palm River Recreation Center, 725 South 58th Street 5 miles
Copeland Park, 1598 East 109th Avenue 5.1 miles
Kenley Recreation Center, 3101 N 66th St 5.2 miles
Palm River Elementary School, 701-739 Maydell Drive 5.2 miles
East 113th Avenue, 1200 East 113th Avenue 5.3 miles
East Fowler Avenue, 1511 East Fowler Avenue 5.4 miles
Biltmore Park, 400-426 Biltmore Ave 5.9 miles
E. Chelsea St. Courts, Florida State Fairgrounds 6.1 miles
YMCA Basketball Court, 3600 W Fair Oaks Ave 6.1 miles
James A Haley Veterans Hospital, 12708 Bruce B Downs Boulevard 6.3 miles
Shriners Covered Court, 12502 USF Pine Drive 6.4 miles
East Whiteway Drive, 6000-6010 E Whiteway Dr 6.7 miles
University of South Florida, USF Elm Dr 6.8 miles
Plantation Park, 9900 Plantation Boulevard 7 miles
Rio Grande Lane & Gouvernors Drive, 13400-13498 Rio Grande Lane 7 miles
University Community Park, 14015 N 22nd St 7.1 miles
USF Courts, Usf Dogwood Drive 7.1 miles
Hampton Park, 5404 Friarsway Drive 8.2 miles
DG's Court, 13920 Burrington Dr 8.8 miles
Jackson Springs Indoor & Outdoor, 8612 Jackson Springs Rd 8.9 miles
Northdale Courts, 15550 Spring Pine Dr 8.9 miles
YMCA Indoor Court, 3903 Northdale Blvd 9 miles
Cwood Courts, 13918 Farmington Blvd 9.4 miles
Gaither High School, 3601-3799 Ragg Road 9.4 miles

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