1. United States
  2. Tampa, FL
  3. 9900 Plantation Boulevard

Plantation Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 84° F


94 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
02:25 PM


Time until Sunset
04:35 hrs

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Basketball courts near Plantation Park

Name Distance Rating
Hampton Park, 5404 Friarsway Drive 1.3 miles
DG's Court, 13920 Burrington Dr 2.3 miles
Cwood Courts, 13918 Farmington Blvd 2.5 miles
Rio Grande Lane & Gouvernors Drive, 13400-13498 Rio Grande Lane 3.1 miles
Northdale Courts, 15550 Spring Pine Dr 3.5 miles
YMCA Indoor Court, 3903 Northdale Blvd 3.6 miles
Gaither High School, 3601-3799 Ragg Road 4 miles
Scorpio Circle, 6133-6165 Scorpio Circle 4.1 miles
Oak Grove Junior High School, 6315 North Armenia Avenue 4.2 miles
Tampa Bears Court, 6800 North Rome Avenue 4.3 miles
Jesuit High School, 700-798 West Cayuga Street 4.5 miles
Westwind Drive, 9035-9099 Westwind Drive 4.6 miles
Jackson Springs Indoor & Outdoor, 8612 Jackson Springs Rd 4.8 miles
Mosty Holy Church, 10110 North Central Avenue 4.9 miles
Wellswood Park Center, 4901-5005 North Howard Avenue 5 miles
Riverview Terrace Playground, 202-298 E Hanlon St 5.1 miles
East 113th Avenue, 1200 East 113th Avenue 5.7 miles
Waters Court, Country Hollow Dr 5.7 miles
Copeland Park, 1598 East 109th Avenue 5.9 miles
East Fowler Avenue, 1511 East Fowler Avenue 5.9 miles
Riverside Park Courts, 3000-3098 N Decatur Ave 6.1 miles
W Indiana Drive Courts, 611 W Indiana Ave 6.2 miles
University Community Park, 14015 N 22nd St 6.7 miles
James A Haley Veterans Hospital, 12708 Bruce B Downs Boulevard 6.9 miles
Keystone Park, 8601-8699 Beth Ct 6.9 miles
Glencliff Park, 10027-10087 Countryway Blvd 7 miles
Robles Park Courts, 501-599 E Emily St 7 miles
Shriners Covered Court, 12502 USF Pine Drive 7.2 miles
University of Tampa Courts, 701-799 W North B St 8 miles
USF Courts, Usf Dogwood Drive 8.1 miles
Reflections Boulevard, 4500-4598 Reflections Boulevard 8.2 miles
University of South Florida, USF Elm Dr 8.3 miles
Hyde Park, 821 S Rome Ave 8.4 miles
Harbor Island Athletic Club, 900 S Harbour Island Blvd 9.1 miles
Ivy Lake Court, 16310 Ivy Lake Drive 9.3 miles
East Whiteway Drive, 6000-6010 E Whiteway Dr 9.4 miles
Desoto Park, 300-398 South 26th Street 9.6 miles
E 21st Ave Courts, 4505 E 21st Ave 9.8 miles
hayes, Hayes Rd 9.9 miles
Biltmore Park, 400-426 Biltmore Ave 10 miles

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