1. United States
  2. Simi Valley, CA
  3. 3451-3499 Chicory Leaf Place

Arroyo Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 63° F


71 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
01:51 AM


Time until Sunrise
04:41 hrs

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Basketball courts near Arroyo Park

Name Distance Rating
Sycamore Park, 808 Ashford Street 1.4 miles
Berylwood Park Half-Court, E Los Angeles Ave 2200-2298 1.7 miles
Lemon Park, 2882-2948 Lemon Drive 1.7 miles
The Mountain Valley Cage, 2238 Pinecrest Street 2 miles
Rancho Park, Rancho Simi Community Park 2.5 miles
Township Half-Court, 4333 Township Avenue 2.5 miles
Mayfair Park, Ronald Reagan Fwy 3.2 miles
Lincoln Park, 1206 1st Street 3.5 miles
Big Sky Half-Court, 2462 Lost Canyons Drive 3.6 miles
Santa Susana Park, 1199-1331 Katherine Road 4.5 miles
Coyote Park, 230 Granite Street 4.6 miles
Windmill Park, 285 Napa Court 4.8 miles
Foothill Half-Court, 1906 Ardenwood Avenue 5 miles
Tierra Rejada Park (Simi), Stargaze Place 5.4 miles
Stargaze Park, 286-398 Tierra Rejada Road 5.5 miles
Wood Ranch Park, 556 Lake Park Drive 5.6 miles
Deerhill Park, 6700 Doubletree Road 5.7 miles
Eagle View Half-Court, 1250 Hidden Springs Avenue 5.9 miles
Sycamore Canyon Half-Court, 698 Hedge Row Lane 6 miles
Valley View Park, Los Arcos Drive 6.7 miles
Indian Springs Park, 493 Hawthorne Drive 6.9 miles
Knapp Ranch Park, 24505 Kittridge St 7.1 miles
North Ranch Park, 5651 Tanner Ridge Avenue 7.2 miles
Sumac Elementary School, 6050 Calmfield Ave 7.3 miles
Willow Elementary School, 5902 Rustling Oaks Dr 7.6 miles
Agoura Bible Fellowship, 5536 Foothill Dr 7.8 miles
Yerba Buena Elementary School, 6098 Reyes Adobe Rd 7.8 miles
Morrison Park, 29953 Forest Cove Ln 8 miles
Chatsworth Park North, Chatsworth St 8.1 miles
College View Park, 6183-6219 Collins Drive 8.1 miles
Old Agoura Park, Old Agoura Park 8.1 miles
Forest Cove Park, 5516 Forest Cove Ln 8.3 miles
Sunset Hills Park, 3415 Erbes Rd 8.3 miles
Lindero Canyon High School, 30393-30611 Rainbow View Dr 8.4 miles
Canada Park, 4387 Erbes Road 8.5 miles
Oakbrook Neighborhood Park, Pederson Rd 8.6 miles
Shadow Ranch Park, 22633 Vanowen St 8.9 miles
Fiore Playfield, E Avenida De Los Arboles & Moorpark Fwy 9.1 miles
Lanark Park, Strathern St 9.2 miles
Miller Park, 4530 Miller Parkway 9.2 miles
Westlake High, E Thousand Oaks Blvd 9.3 miles
Rinaldi Park, Variel Ave 9.4 miles
Westlake Hills Elementary School, 2701 W Panamint Ct 9.4 miles
Sierra Canyon Gym, Rinaldi st. 9.6 miles
Beyer Park, N Conejo School Rd 9.8 miles
Pinecrest Woodland Hills School, 5975 Shoup Avenue 9.8 miles
24 Hour Fitness, 2595 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard 9.9 miles
Woodland Hills Rec Center, 5858 Shoup Ave 9.9 miles
Bennett Park, 31830 Village Center Rd 10 miles
El Parque de la Paz, 87 Live Oak St 10 miles

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