1. United States
  2. Scottsdale, AZ
  3. 7643 N Vía Del Elemental

Comanche Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 63° F


34 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
06:36 AM


Time until Sunset
11:12 hrs

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Basketball courts near Comanche Park

Name Distance Rating
Zuni Park, 7243 N Vía Elemental 0.4 miles
Shoshone park, 7184 N Vía De Amigos 0.5 miles
Hayden Park, 6251-6499 N Apartment 1.4 miles
Mountain View Park, Mountain View Rd & 86th St. 1.6 miles
Agua Linda Park, 8732 East McDonald Drive 1.7 miles
Aqua Linda Park, 8732 E McDonald Dr 1.7 miles
East Jackrabbit Road, 8400-8598 East Jackrabbit Road 2.2 miles
Chaparral Park, E Starlight Way 2.4 miles
East Apartment, East Apartment 2.9 miles
Kiva Elementary School, 6911 East McDonald Drive 3 miles
Chestnut Park, 4525 N Granite Reef Rd 3.2 miles
N Invergordon Road, 6402 E El Maro Cir 3.2 miles
SAR Club - Indoor, E Camelback Rd 8055 3.3 miles
Scottsdale Ranch Park, 10400 E Vía Linda 3.3 miles
Indian School Park, 4258 N 81st St 3.5 miles
Laguna Elementary School, 10393-10439 East Lakeview Drive 3.5 miles
Cactus Park, 12201-12639 N Scottsdale Rd (& Cactus Rd) 3.9 miles
Northsight Park, 8400 East Thunderbird Road 4.5 miles
Thunderbird Park, 9170 East Thunderbird Road 4.5 miles
Pima Park, 8600 E Thomas Rd 4.6 miles
Aztec Park, 13636 North 100th Street 4.9 miles
International School of Arizona, 11140-11180 East Cholla Street 4.9 miles
Cholla Park, 11129 East Cortez Street 5 miles
Paiute Park Court, 3124 N 66th St 5.2 miles
El Dorado Park, 2300-2348 N 77th St (& McDowell) 5.3 miles
Sereno Park, 5858 E Sweetwater Ave 5.6 miles
Horizon Park, 15507-15527 North 100th Street 5.7 miles
Horizon Park Court, 15261-15417 N 100th St 5.7 miles
Desert Canyon Middle School, 10203 East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road 5.9 miles
Apache Park, 1201 North 85th Place 6 miles
Vist del Camino Park, 7722 E Latham St 6.1 miles
Arcadia Park Courts, 5338 E Mitchell Dr 6.2 miles
Crossed Arrows Streetball Courts, E Hillery Dr 6.2 miles
McKellips Park, 701 N Miller Rd 6.5 miles
Papago Rotary, 7316 East Garfield Street 6.5 miles
Scottsdale Sports Complex, Orange Trail 6.6 miles
Supai Middle School, 1100 N 68th St 6.6 miles
North Ranch Elementary School, 16406 N 61st Pl 6.9 miles
Pera Club, 1 East Continental Dr 6.9 miles
Cholla Cove Park, E Lupine Ave 7 miles
Indian Bend Park, N Miller Rd 7 miles
Saint Theresa Indoor Courts, 2818 N 51st St 7 miles
St Theresa Catholic Church, 5045 E Thomas Road 7 miles
Laird School, 1100 E Valerie Dr 7.1 miles
Desert Horizons Park Outdoor Court, 16002 N 56th St 7.3 miles
Sweetwater Park, 4215 E Andora Dr 7.4 miles
Ironwood Park, 18650 North 94th Street 7.5 miles
Rio Montana Park, 11160 North 130th Place 7.5 miles
Tempe Club Court, E Curry Rd 7.8 miles
Riverview Basketball Courts, N Riverview 8.2 miles
Roadrunner Park, Cactus Rd & 36th St. 8.2 miles
Whitman Park, 1750 N Grand 8.3 miles
Indian Bend Park, 3633 E Thunderbird Rd 8.4 miles
Thompson Peak Park, 21 North 78th Place 8.4 miles
Grayhawk Park, 20624 North 76th Street 8.7 miles
Mercury Mine, 9640 North 28th Street 8.7 miles
Paradose Cove Park, 3831-3899 E Paradise Ln 9 miles
East Paradise Lane, 16231 N 38th Way 9.1 miles
Esquer Park, 2301-2399 E McArthur Dr 9.2 miles
Jaycee Park, W 5th St 9.2 miles
East Cheryl Drive, 2349 E Cheryl Dr 9.4 miles
Perry Park, 2601-2699 North 31st Street 9.4 miles
ASU Student Recreation Center (Indoor Basketball Courts), Apache Blvd. & Union Dr. 9.5 miles
Christy Cove Outdoor Courts, 11875 N 24th St 9.5 miles
Evergreen Park, 201-399 W 5th Pl 9.5 miles
Hudson Park Court, 1430 E Cedar St 9.5 miles
Madison Heights Elementary School, 7150 N 22nd St 9.5 miles
Mitchell Park, S Mitchell Dr 9.5 miles
David Crockett School, N 36th St 9.6 miles
Sonora Center, 1544 S Rural Rd 9.6 miles
Vista del Cerro Court, E Apartment 9.6 miles
Fitch Basketball Courts, E 8th St 9.7 miles
Daley Park Court, 1625 S College Ave 9.8 miles
Holy Trinity Academy, 1973 East Maryland Ave 9.8 miles
Washington Park, 509 N Pima 9.8 miles
Escobedo Park, 461-525 N Hibbert 9.9 miles
Palomino Park, 15675 N 30th St 9.9 miles
Sumida Park Court, 1809 E Gardenia Ave 9.9 miles
Selleh Park Courts, 2425 S Los Feliz Dr 10 miles

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