1. United States
  2. Richmond, CA
  3. 2415 Wendell Ave

Wendell Playground



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions




Max 53° F


100 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
06:40 AM


Time until Sunrise
00:10 hrs

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Basketball courts near Wendell Playground

Name Distance Rating
Burg Park, 2801-2999 Clinton Ave 0.4 miles
Salesian High School, 2801 Salesian Ave 0.6 miles
Lucas Playground, 1020 Lucas Ave 1 miles
Boorman Park, 2534 Florida Ave 1.2 miles
Shields-Reid Community Center, 1410 Kelsey Street 1.4 miles
King Elementary School, 201-299 S 41st St 1.5 miles
Nevin Park, 504 Nevin Ave 1.5 miles
Peres Elementary School, Peres Elementary School 1.5 miles
John F Kennedy Park, 372 S 39th St 1.6 miles
Nystrom Elementary School, 217 South 11th Street 1.6 miles
Martin Luther King Park, 399 South 12th Street 1.7 miles
Kappa Continuation High, 4300 Cutting Blvd 1.8 miles
Hilltop Park, 2713 Groom Dr 2.1 miles
Booker T Anderson Park, 4724-4898 Cypress Ave 2.3 miles
Parkchester Village Basketball Court, Giant Hwy. 3 miles
Huber Park, 1400-1498 Norvell St 3.1 miles
Castro Elementary School, 1437-1455 Lawrence St 3.2 miles
Hilltop Green Park, 1201-1219 Parkway Dr 3.3 miles
Fairmont Elementary School, 716 Lexington Ave 3.9 miles
Montalvin Park, Denise Drive 3.9 miles
De Anza High School, 5000 Valley View Rd 4.3 miles
Harding Elementary School, 7230 Fairmount Ave 4.6 miles
Albany Middle School, 1259 Brighton Avenue 4.7 miles
St Jerome Catholic School, 320 San Carlos Ave 4.8 miles
Albany Memorial Park, 1331 Portland Avenue 5 miles
Ocean View Elementary School, Ocean View Elementary School 5 miles
Cornell Elementary School, 945 Cornell Ave 5.2 miles
University Park, 1101 10th Street 5.3 miles
Fernandez Park, Pinole Creek Trail 5.6 miles
Marin Elementary School, 1001 Santa Fe Ave 5.6 miles
Pinole Valley Road, 3793 Pinole Valley Rd 5.8 miles
Terrace Park, Terrace Park 5.8 miles
James Kenney Recreation Center, 900-918 Virginia St 6 miles
Live Oak Park, 1317 Shattuck Ave 6.7 miles
Bonar Street Courts, 2215 Bonar St 6.8 miles
Ohlone Greenway, Ohlone Greenway 6.8 miles
Codornices Park (Cordo), 1201 Euclid Avenue 7 miles
Washington Elementary School, 2300 Martin Luther King Jr Way 7.4 miles
Berkeley High School, Berkeley High School 7.5 miles
Longfellow Middle School, 1501-1599 Ward St 7.5 miles
San Pablo Park, 2700-2798 Park St 7.5 miles
Foxboro Park, 1001-1027 Canterbury 7.6 miles
Rodeo Hills Elementary School, Rodeo Hills Elementary School 7.8 miles
UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility 7.8 miles
Grove Playground, 2828-2898 Martin Luther King Jr Way 8 miles
Malcolm X Elementary School, 3000-3098 Ellis St 8 miles
St Patricks Catholic School, 1001-1321 7th Street 8.1 miles
People´s Park, 2506-2556 Haste St 8.2 miles
LeConte Elementary School, LeConte Elementary School 8.3 miles
Treasure Island YMCA, Ave I 8.3 miles
Treasure Island YMCA Gym, 749 9th St 8.4 miles
Willard Middle School, Willard Middle School 8.4 miles
Head Start Center, 114-118 California Street 8.5 miles
Emerson Elementary School, Emerson Elementary School 8.7 miles
Sankofa Academy, Sankofa Academy 8.8 miles
Bushrod Park, 580 59th St 8.9 miles
St. Augustine, 431 65th St 8.9 miles
John Muir Elementary School, John Muir School Park 9.2 miles
Claremont Middle School, Claremont Middle School 9.4 miles
48th Street Courts, 427-461 48th St 9.6 miles
Anthony Chabot Elementary School, Anthony Chabot Elementary School 9.7 miles
Community Park, 450 San Rafael Ave 9.7 miles
Emerson Elementary School, 4801 Lawton Ave 9.7 miles
Alcatraz, Alcatraz 9.8 miles
The Dog Park, 3600-3644 Martin Luther King Jr Way 9.8 miles
Willow Park, 1667-1699 14th St 9.8 miles
Grove Shafter Park, 3408 Martin Luther King Jr Way 9.9 miles
De Fremery Playground, 1269 18th St 10 miles
Far West School, 5263 Broadway Terrace 10 miles

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