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Overcast clouds


Max 49° F


61 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
01:14 AM


Time until Sunrise
05:17 hrs

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Basketball courts near Haypath Road Park

Name Distance Rating
Bethpage State Park Courts, Bethpage Bikeway 0.9 miles
Plainview Community Park, 22 Newport Dr 1.5 miles
POB Middle School, Central Park Rd 1.8 miles
Bethpage Community Park, Lent Dr 2 miles
Allen Park, 53-63 Heisser Ln 2.6 miles
Woodbury Community Park, 7755-7761 Jericho Turnpike 3.8 miles
Jerusalem Avenue Field, 18 Coachman Ln 4.1 miles
East Village Green, 20-22 Meridian Rd 4.3 miles
Bolden Mack Park, 4 Park Pl 5.2 miles
Cold Spring Road, 99 Cold Spring Road 5.2 miles
Oakwood Park, 414-416 Oakwood Rd 5.3 miles
Azalea Road Court, 62-64 Azalea Road 5.4 miles
MHS Ames Basketball Court, 143-147 Pittsburgh Ave 5.4 miles
Merry Lane, 26 Mulberry Ct 5.6 miles
Duckpond Drive Park, 366 Duckpond Dr E 5.7 miles
Dutch Lane, 2-24 Ball Park Lane 5.7 miles
North Levittown Lanes, 86 Wolcott Rd 5.7 miles
Brady Park, 1000-1030 Lake Shore Dr 5.8 miles
MacLaren Stadium, 2 Cliff Lane 5.9 miles
Field of Dreams, 5553-5631 New York State Reference Route 900D 6.1 miles
Wolf Hill Park, 480-482 Old Country Rd 6.1 miles
Cantiague Park, Northern State Pkwy 6.2 miles
Post Park, 3 Lee Pl 6.4 miles
Fairfield Elementary, Prospect Pl 6.5 miles
West Side School, 1597 Laurel Hollow Rd 6.5 miles
Carman Avenue, 695-723 Carman Ave 6.6 miles
John Burns Park, 4990 Merrick Rd 6.8 miles
Manor Field Park, 68-78 E 5 7.3 miles
Bunky Reid, 915-957 Railroad Avenue 7.4 miles
Speno Memorial Park, 750 E Meadow Ave 7.4 miles
Geiger Memorial Park, 50 W 23rd St 7.5 miles
Anchor Park, Spar Ln 7.6 miles
Irmish Park, 6 N Alleghany Ave 7.7 miles
Cedar Creek Park, 2472 Cedar St 7.8 miles
Veterans Memorial Park, 449 Maitland St 7.8 miles
Seamans Neck Park, 2566 Kevin Rd 7.9 miles
Woodhill School, 140 Woodhull Rd 8 miles
YMCA, 62 Main St 8.2 miles
Eisenhower Park, 1661-1799 Hempstead Turnpike 8.3 miles
Tanner Park, Tanner Park 8.3 miles
Belmont Lake State Park, Belmont Lake State Park 8.4 miles
Chatterton School Court, 2074 Hewlett Avenue 9.2 miles
Newbridge Road Park, 2548-2610 Newbridge Road 9.2 miles
Phelps Lane Memorial Park, 281 Phelps Ln 9.2 miles
Theodore Roosevelt School, 23 Larrabee Ave 9.4 miles
Tri Village Park, Cuba Hill Rd 9.4 miles
Roosevelt Memorial Park, West End Ave 9.5 miles
Venetian Shores Park, 844 Granada Pkwy 9.8 miles
Babylon Memorial Grade School, 146 County Road 50 9.9 miles
Carle Place Park, Wilson Ct 10 miles

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