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Basketball Courts near Mission Viejo, CA

Name Distance Rating
Melinda Park, 29478-29798 Santa Margarita Pkwy 2.1 miles
El Lazo, Parking Lot Access Rd 6.6 miles
Saddleback Valley YMCA, 23952-24098 Marguerite Parkway 1 miles
Side Street Court, 23561 Alicia Pkwy 1.1 miles
Clubhouse Park, Canyon Crest Dr 1.5 miles
Curtis Park, Olympiad Rd 2 miles
Newheart Park, 24932 Veterans Way 2 miles
Cherry Park, Cherry Park Path 2.1 miles
Fieldcrest, Fieldcrest 2.2 miles
Rimgate Park, 25682-25698 Rimgate Drive 2.2 miles
Saddleback Courts, 1 Saddleback Parkway 2.3 miles
Solana Park, 21601 Via Regressos 2.6 miles
Quial Run Park, Forest View 2.7 miles
Circle Court, Circle Ct 3 miles
Altisima Park, 30043-30099 Melinda Rd 3.2 miles
Costeau Park Court, Alicia Pkwy 3.4 miles
Sun & Sail Club, 22757-22921 Lake Forest Dr 3.5 miles
Lomarena Court, 25282 Wilkes Pl 3.7 miles
Laguna Hills Community Center and Sports Complex, 25401 Paseo De Valencia 4.2 miles
Monte Vista Park, 21742 Buena Suerte 4.2 miles
Aliso Creek Court, Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail 4.4 miles
Trabuco Mesa Park, Avenida De Las Flores 5.3 miles
Avendale, 22 Daisy St 5.4 miles
Ridgecrest Park, Eastwing 6 miles
Veeh Ranch Park, 22901 Caminito Linda 6 miles
Silverado Park, Scarlet Bloom 6.5 miles
Pavilion Park, Pavilion Park 7.1 miles
Lomas Valley Park, Lomas Valley Park 7.2 miles
Cook Park, Calle Arroya 8.7 miles
Valley Oak Park, 16025 Valley Oak Drive 9 miles
Shady Canyon Courts, Shady Canyon 9.2 miles
Orchard Park, Yale Avenue 9.8 miles
Northwood High School, 4815 Northwood High School 10 miles

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