1. United States
  2. Miramar, FL
  3. 15700 Pembroke Rd

Silver Shores Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Scattered clouds


Max 78° F


53 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
10:56 AM


Time until Sunset
07:23 hrs

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Basketball courts near Silver Shores Park

Name Distance Rating
Southwest 153rd Way, 2038 SW 153rd Way 0.3 miles
Miramar Regional Park, 17051 Miramar Pkwy 1.3 miles
Northwest 163rd Avenue, NW 163rd Ave 1.5 miles
Southwest 176th Terrace, SW 176th Terrace 1.8 miles
West Pines Rec Center, SW 2nd St 1.8 miles
Towngate Park, 901 NW 155th Ave 1.9 miles
Northwest 169th Avenue, 1401 NW 169th Ave 2 miles
Southwest 12th Street, SW 187th Ave 2.4 miles
Sunset Lakes School, 2800 SW 184th Terrace 2.5 miles
Sunrise Avenue, Sunrise Ave 2.7 miles
Northwest 172nd Avenue, 2300 NW 172nd Ave 2.8 miles
Vizcaya Park, 14200 Southwest 55th Street 2.8 miles
Pembroke Pines Charter High School, 17189 Sheridan St 3 miles
Country Lake Park, NW 87th Ave 3.1 miles
Flanagan High School, 1361 NW 129th Ave 3.1 miles
Pembroke Falls Rec Center, 13209 NW 16th St 3.1 miles
CB Smith Park, CB Smith Park 3.3 miles
Palm Springs North Park, 7895 NW 176th St 4.5 miles
Price Park, Price Park 4.7 miles
Vista View Park, Vista View Trail 5.2 miles
Fire Rescue, 10500 Stirling Road 6.2 miles
Lake Ruth Park, 6425 NW Miami Lakeway 6.2 miles
North Glade Park, 5000 NW 177th St 6.6 miles
Vista Verde Park, 3938-3998 NW 213th St 6.6 miles
Westland Gardens Park, 13397-13501 NW 107th Ave 6.6 miles
Brian Piccalo Park, 9501 Sheridan St 6.8 miles
Roberto Casas Park, West 80th Street 6.8 miles
West Stonebrook Circuit, 3000 W Stonebrook Cir 6.9 miles
Carl F. Slade Park, 2501 West 74th Street 7.2 miles
Risco Park, 19010 NW 37th Ave 7.3 miles
Shenandoah Park, 14681-14739 SW 14th St 7.7 miles
Carol City Park, 18650 NW 32nd Ave 8.1 miles
Fairway Park, 3701-3769 Largo 8.2 miles
Russel Bucky Dent Park, 2350 W 60th St 8.2 miles
Tequesta Trace Park, Tequesta Trace Park Ln 8.2 miles
Myrtle Park, 17741 NW 32nd Ave 8.3 miles
Silver Ridge Elementary School, SW 36th St 8.5 miles
Ernest Graham Park, NW 122nd St 8.7 miles
Sparks Park, 1201-1249 W 60th St 8.7 miles
Weston Regional Park, S Post Rd 8.7 miles
Driftwood Park, NW 33rd St 8.8 miles
Wilde Park, 1701 W 53rd Terrace 8.8 miles
St Thomas University, 15966-16032 NW 32nd Ave 8.9 miles
John G. Dupuis Elementary, 5600-5798 West 10th Avenue 9 miles
Sherbondy Park, 800-898 Dunad Ave 9.4 miles
Apollo Middle School, N 68th Ave 9.5 miles
Driftwood Acres Park, 2751 NW 70th Terrace 9.6 miles
Nova Southeastern University, SW 72nd Ave 9.8 miles
University School of NSU, SW 75th Ave 9.8 miles
Bunche Park, 15600 5 NW 23 Avenue Rd 9.9 miles
Scott Park, 1511-1699 NW 176th Terrace 9.9 miles
Flamingo Park, 12855 NW 8th St 10 miles
Goodlet Park, 4150-4280 W 8th Ave 10 miles

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