1. United States
  2. Milwaukee, WI
  3. 1900 North 1st Street

Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Few clouds


Max 54° F


40 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
05:02 PM


Time until Sunset
01:09 hrs

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Basketball courts near Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science

Name Distance Rating
Cass Park, 1620 N Cass St 0.6 miles
Kilbourn Park, 801-899 E Meinecke Ave 0.8 miles
Culver Park, 1901-1953 N 8th St 0.8 miles
Clinton Rose Park, 300-398 W Chambers St 1.3 miles
Pumping Station Park, 1311 East Chambers Street 1.6 miles
Atkinson Park, 901-999 West Nash Street 2.2 miles
Kern Park, N Humboldt Blvd 2.2 miles
Lindbergh Park, 3629 N 16th St 2.5 miles
Moody Park, 2201-2221 W Auer Ave 2.5 miles
Tiefenthaler Park, 2500 W Cherry St 2.5 miles
Downer Woods, 3406-3498 N Maryland Ave 2.6 miles
Mitchell Park, 2102 W Pierce St 3 miles
Lincoln Field, 314 W Lincoln Ave 3.6 miles
South Bay Street, Access Road 3.6 miles
Beulah Brinton Park, 2401-2423 S Bay St 3.9 miles
Washington Zoo Park, 4166-4276 W Washington Blvd 3.9 miles
Sherman Park, 3001-3099 N 41st St 4 miles
East Seeley Playground, 1438 East Seeley Street 4.2 miles
Lincoln Park, 5200-5224 North Green Bay Avenue 4.2 miles
Burnham Park, 1747 S 32nd St 4.3 miles
Carmen High School, 3120 West Burnham Street 4.3 miles
Kinnickinnic Park, 2940-2998 South Nevada Street 4.6 miles
Humboldt Park Elementary School, 501-599 East Euclid Avenue 4.8 miles
Doyne Park, Oak Leaf Trail 4.9 miles
Kinnickinnic Sports Center, 3043 S 17th St 4.9 miles
Ellen Park, Lake Parkway 5.1 miles
Ohio Playfield, 3300-3398 S 10th St 5.1 miles
Adams Playfield, 455 E Morgan Ave 5.2 miles
Holt Playfield, 1701-1799 W Ohio Ave 5.2 miles
West Milwaukee Park, 4600-4998 W Burnham St 5.4 miles
McGovern Park, 5578-5598 N 51st Blvd 6.3 miles
Whittier Park, 4401-4455 South 1st Street 6.3 miles
Enderis Playground, 2957 N 70th St 6.4 miles
Dineen Park, 7000 West Appleton Avenue 6.5 miles
Fairview Elementary School, 6403 W Stack Ct 7.2 miles
Lincoln School, 4416 South Packard Avenue 7.2 miles
St. Jude's, 868 Glenview Avenue 7.2 miles
Sheridan Park, 4000-4198 East Munkwitz Avenue 8 miles
Kozy School, 5252 South Kirkwood Avenue 8.2 miles
Lucas Park, 198-298 West Uncas Avenue 8.5 miles
Kilmer Park, 3000-3064 West Green Avenue 8.6 miles
J. E. Jones, 3730 East Ramsey Avenue 8.9 miles
South Shore YMCA, 3410-3414 East College Avenue 9.1 miles
Madison School, Wauwatosa Day Care & Learning 9.2 miles
Chapel Hills Park, 6745 South Highfield Drive 9.4 miles
Divine Mercy, Saint Sylvesters Roman Catholic Church 9.5 miles
St. Alphonsus Church/School, 5920-5926 West Loomis Road 9.7 miles
St Peter & Paul Church, 1308 15th Avenue 9.9 miles

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