1. United States
  2. Milwaukee, WI
  3. 300-398 W Chambers St

Clinton Rose Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Few clouds


Max 28° F


30 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
04:16 PM


Time until Sunset
01:23 hrs

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Basketball courts near Clinton Rose Park

Name Distance Rating
Atkinson Park, 901-999 West Nash Street 0.9 miles
Kilbourn Park, 801-899 E Meinecke Ave 1.2 miles
Culver Park, 1901-1953 N 8th St 1.3 miles
Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science, 1900 North 1st Street 1.3 miles
Lindbergh Park, 3629 N 16th St 1.4 miles
Pumping Station Park, 1311 East Chambers Street 1.4 miles
Kern Park, N Humboldt Blvd 1.5 miles
Moody Park, 2201-2221 W Auer Ave 1.7 miles
Cass Park, 1620 N Cass St 1.8 miles
Downer Woods, 3406-3498 N Maryland Ave 2.3 miles
Tiefenthaler Park, 2500 W Cherry St 2.6 miles
Lincoln Park, 5200-5224 North Green Bay Avenue 2.9 miles
Sherman Park, 3001-3099 N 41st St 3.5 miles
Mitchell Park, 2102 W Pierce St 3.8 miles
Washington Zoo Park, 4166-4276 W Washington Blvd 3.9 miles
Lincoln Field, 314 W Lincoln Ave 4.8 miles
South Bay Street, Access Road 4.9 miles
Doyne Park, Oak Leaf Trail 5 miles
Burnham Park, 1747 S 32nd St 5.1 miles
Carmen High School, 3120 West Burnham Street 5.1 miles
Beulah Brinton Park, 2401-2423 S Bay St 5.2 miles
McGovern Park, 5578-5598 N 51st Blvd 5.2 miles
East Seeley Playground, 1438 East Seeley Street 5.5 miles
Dineen Park, 7000 West Appleton Avenue 5.8 miles
Enderis Playground, 2957 N 70th St 5.9 miles
Kinnickinnic Park, 2940-2998 South Nevada Street 5.9 miles
Kinnickinnic Sports Center, 3043 S 17th St 5.9 miles
West Milwaukee Park, 4600-4998 W Burnham St 5.9 miles
Humboldt Park Elementary School, 501-599 East Euclid Avenue 6.1 miles
Holt Playfield, 1701-1799 W Ohio Ave 6.3 miles
Ohio Playfield, 3300-3398 S 10th St 6.3 miles
Ellen Park, Lake Parkway 6.4 miles
Adams Playfield, 455 E Morgan Ave 6.5 miles
St. Jude's, 868 Glenview Avenue 7.2 miles
Whittier Park, 4401-4455 South 1st Street 7.5 miles
Fairview Elementary School, 6403 W Stack Ct 7.8 miles
Lincoln School, 4416 South Packard Avenue 8.5 miles
Madison School, Wauwatosa Day Care & Learning 8.6 miles
LaFollette Park, 1113 S 94th St 8.7 miles
Sheridan Park, 4000-4198 East Munkwitz Avenue 9.2 miles
Kozy School, 5252 South Kirkwood Avenue 9.5 miles
Kilmer Park, 3000-3064 West Green Avenue 9.7 miles
Lucas Park, 198-298 West Uncas Avenue 9.7 miles

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