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01:35 AM


Time until Sunrise
05:48 hrs

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Basketball courts near Emerald Park

Name Distance Rating
Kingsborough Park, 2211-2399 E Holmes Ave 1 miles
Silvergate Park Half Court, 1007 S Rose 1.1 miles
Reed Park, 1551-1599 E Broadway Rd 1.3 miles
Houston Elementary School, 500 E Houston Ave 1.5 miles
Ellsworth Park, 200-398 S Fraser Dr 1.9 miles
New Horizon School for the Performing Arts, 446 E Broadwa 2.2 miles
Stapley Park, 309 S Udall 2.2 miles
Countryside Park, S 32nd St 2.4 miles
McQueen Park, McQueen Park 2.6 miles
Pioneer Park, 526 E Main St 2.6 miles
Freestone Park, 1013-1147 E Juniper Ave 2.8 miles
Guerrero Rotary Park, 203 W 8th Ave 2.8 miles
Inspire Courts AZ, 1090 N Fiesta Blvd 3 miles
Escobedo Park, 461-525 N Hibbert 3.2 miles
Washington Park, 509 N Pima 3.4 miles
Fitch Basketball Courts, E 8th St 3.5 miles
Mountain View Park, E Enrose St 3.6 miles
Stone Creek Park, 72-116 S Stonecreek Blvd 3.7 miles
Mesquite High School, Mesquite High North Drive 3.8 miles
E Hale St, 1425 N 23rd St 3.9 miles
Evergreen Park, 201-399 W 5th Pl 3.9 miles
Chaparral Park, 1635 N Gilbert Rd 4 miles
Kleinman Park, 1001-1099 Fiesta Pointe 4 miles
Rancho Del Mar Park, S Cherry 4 miles
Crismon Elementary School, 825 W Medina Ave 4.1 miles
Mesquite Street Court, 424 South Coronado Road 4.6 miles
Stonegate Park, N Ithica St 4.6 miles
Patterson Court, S Patterson 4.7 miles
Hoopes Park, 601 West Mesquite Street 4.9 miles
North Claiborne Avenue, N Claiborne Ave 4.9 miles
Whitman Park, 1750 N Grand 4.9 miles
Hermosa Vista Park, E Leonora St 5 miles
Mesa Community College, 1820-1852 West Mesa Community Coll 5.1 miles
Springtree Neighborhood Park, 1668-1798 S Southwind Dr 5.2 miles
Pima Park, 700 N Superstition Blvd 5.3 miles
Kristin Ranch Basketball Court, 1046 N San Benito Dr 5.4 miles
Sheepherders Park, 2712 N 25th St 5.5 miles
Cameron Ranch Basketball Court, 3504 E Melody Ln 5.6 miles
Enid Park, E Enid Ave 5.6 miles
Princess Park, 4461 E Princess Dr 5.6 miles
Crossroads District Park, 2305 E Knox Rd 5.7 miles
Gilbert Rodeo Park, S Key Biscayne Dr 5.7 miles
Melody Ranch Basketball Court, E San Angelo Ave 5.7 miles
Palo Verde Park, 1801-1943 W Pampa Ave 5.7 miles
Apache Park, 781 W Kent Pl 5.8 miles
Tempe Canal Trail, Tempe Canal Trail 5.8 miles
Dobson Court, 2251-2339 S Dobson Rd 5.9 miles
Shawnee Park Court, 1507 W Shawnee Dr 5.9 miles
Cindy & Lakeview, 1694 E Cindy St 6 miles
Erhardt Park, 3901-3999 S Evergreen Rd 6 miles
Carol Rae Ranch Basketball Court, 1000-1164 N Bridlegate Dr 6.1 miles
Sunnyvale Court, 3381 East Sierra Madre Avenue 6.1 miles
Cosmo Park, 2627 E Virginia St 6.2 miles
Daumler Park Courts, 2825 S Evergreen Rd 6.2 miles
Navarette Park, 200 W Galveston St 6.2 miles
Armstrong Park, 300 E Chandler Blvd 6.3 miles
Riverview Basketball Courts, N Riverview 6.3 miles
Brooks Crossing Park, 1345 W Calle Del Norte 6.4 miles
Fighter Aces Basketball Court, Fighter Aces Dr 6.4 miles
Esquer Park, 2301-2399 E McArthur Dr 6.6 miles
Morrison Ranch Court, South Bridlegate Drive 6.6 miles
Folley Memorial Park, S Hamilton St 6.7 miles
Towne Meadows HOA Park, 1002-1038 N Pheasant Dr 6.7 miles
Andersen, 1915 W Manor St 6.8 miles
Carriage Lane Park, 3140 S Carriage Ln 6.8 miles
Highland High School, 4301 East Guadalupe Rd 7 miles
Alta Mesa Park, E McLellan Rd 7.2 miles
Cole Park, U.S. 60 7.2 miles
Cole Park, U.S. 60 7.2 miles
Rotary Park, 2100-2108 U.S. 60 7.2 miles
Optimist Park, 1975 E Cornell Dr 7.4 miles
Selleh Park Courts, 2425 S Los Feliz Dr 7.4 miles
Discovery Park, Unnamed Road 7.6 miles
Stroud Park, 6818 S Los Feliz Dr 8 miles
Monterey Park, 2650-2698 S Brighton 8.1 miles
Derringer Park, 2907 E Derringer Way 8.2 miles
Jefferson Park Basketball Courts, S Jefferson Ave 8.2 miles
Meyer Elementary School, 2615 S Dorsey Ln 8.2 miles
Meyer Park, 2727 S Dorsey Ln 8.2 miles
Pequeno Park, 777 N Coronado St 8.2 miles
Arredondo Park, U.S. 60 8.3 miles
Scudder Park Courts, E South Shore Dr 8.3 miles
St Oak St, 3504 S Oak St 8.3 miles
Hollis Park, 1243-1299 E Malibu Dr 8.4 miles
S Clairrborne, 2892 E Sandy Ct 8.4 miles
Dorsey Church, 1250 E Southern Ave 8.5 miles
Hudson Park Court, 1430 E Cedar St 8.5 miles
Sudder Park, 1269-1299 E Southshore Dr 8.5 miles
Apache Park, 1201 North 85th Place 8.6 miles
Estrada Park Court, 8717-8781 South McClintock Drive 8.6 miles
Goodwin Park, 1821-1893 East Caroline Lane 8.7 miles
Redden Park, 1305 E Redfield Rd 8.7 miles
Vista del Cerro Court, E Apartment 8.7 miles
Melrose Park, 2911 E Melrose St 8.9 miles
Corbell Park, 7423 S Rita Ln 9 miles
Harter Park, 601-649 N Country Club Way 9 miles
Sonora Center, 1544 S Rural Rd 9.1 miles
Joyce Park, 4001 S McAllister Ave 9.2 miles
Lodge Court, 6715 S Jentilly Ln 9.2 miles
Waggoner Park Court, 1100 West Carver Road 9.2 miles
Owl Basketball Court, N Red Mountain Park 9.3 miles
Eagle Basketball Court, N Red Mountain Park 9.4 miles
Falcon Hill Park, E Jasmine St 9.4 miles
Indian Bend Park, N Miller Rd 9.4 miles
Pima Park, 8600 E Thomas Rd 9.4 miles
Laird School, 1100 E Valerie Dr 9.5 miles
McKellips Park, 701 N Miller Rd 9.5 miles
Palmer Park, 4501-4599 S College Ave 9.5 miles
ASU Student Recreation Center (Indoor Basketball Courts), Apache Blvd. & Union Dr. 9.6 miles
Daley Park Court, 1625 S College Ave 9.6 miles
Palmer Park, 200-298 E Carson Cir 9.6 miles
Vist del Camino Park, 7722 E Latham St 9.6 miles
Kiwanas Park, 5540 S Mill Ave 9.7 miles
Kiwanis Gymnasium, 201 E Julie Dr 9.7 miles
Chuparosa Park Courts, W Earl Blvd 9.9 miles
Blue Park Coronado Ranch, 4536 S Carmalita Ct 10 miles
Corona del Sol Courts, 1325 North Bonarden Lane 10 miles
Kiwanis Lake West Court, Western Canal Trail 10 miles
Papago Rotary, 7316 East Garfield Street 10 miles
Tempe Club Court, E Curry Rd 10 miles

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