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Basketball Courts near Los Banos, CA

Name Distance Rating
Los Banos Elementary School, Los Banos Elementary School 0.3 miles
Pacheco Park, Pacheco Park 0.4 miles
Our Lady of Fatima School, St. Joseph's Church 0.5 miles
City Park, City Park 0.7 miles
Henry Miller Elementary School, Henry Miller Elementary School 0.7 miles
Los Banos High School, Los Banos High School 0.7 miles
San Luis Park, San Luis Park 0.8 miles
Citrus Park, Citrus Park 1 miles
Miano Elementary School, Miano Elementary School 1 miles
Cresthills Park, Cresthills Park 1.1 miles
Los Banos Valley Day School, Los Banos Valley Day School 1.1 miles
Garden Park, Garden Park 1.2 miles
Lorena Falasco Elementary School, 443 Cabernet St 1.2 miles
Los Banos Adventist School, Los Banos Adventist School 1.2 miles
Los Banos Fitness & Racquet Club, Los Banos Fitness & Racquet Club 1.3 miles
Mercey Springs Elementary School, Mercey Springs Elementary School 1.3 miles
Prop Park, Prop Park 1.4 miles
College Green Park, College Green Park 1.5 miles
Church of the Nazarene, 1238 Santa Barbara Dr 1.6 miles
Los Banos Junior High School, Los Banos Junior High School 1.6 miles
Olivera Park, Olivera Park 1.8 miles
Regency Park, Regency Park 2 miles
Skylark Park, Skylark Park 2 miles
Verona Park, Verona Park 2.2 miles
Pacheco High School, 200 Ward Rd 2.5 miles
Meadowlands Park, Meadowlands Park 2.7 miles
S Creekside Drive Court, 2471-2499 S Creekside Dr 2.8 miles

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