1. United States
  2. Lake Worth, FL
  3. N Tree Blvd

West Boynton Park and Recreation Center



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 69° F


37 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
04:03 PM


Time until Sunset
02:17 hrs

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Basketball courts near West Boynton Park and Recreation Center

Name Distance Rating
Lake Charleston Rec Center, 7101 Charleston Shores Blvd 1.1 miles
Hypoluxo Road Park, 7000-7498 Hypoluxo Rd 1.6 miles
Journeys End Blvd, Journeys End Blvd 1.6 miles
Copperfield Circuit, 6151 Hagen Ranch Rd 2.1 miles
Buttonwood Park, 5300 Linton Blvd 2.2 miles
Santaluces High School, 6880 Lawrence Rd 3 miles
Odyssey Middle School, 10763 Cambay Circle 3.1 miles
Hagen Ranch Road, 7605 Topiary Ave 3.3 miles
Meadows Park, N Congress Ave 3.6 miles
Verona Lakes Blvd, 9390 Verona Lakes Blvd 3.6 miles
Ixora Park, 4401-4499 Melany Ln 4.2 miles
Vermont Court, 4150 Vermont Ave 4.2 miles
Sanders Drive Park, 4247 Sanders Dr 4.4 miles
Affron Park, 3400-3498 Melaleuca Ln 4.5 miles
Pioneer Canal Park, 1339-1499 Northwest 7th Street 4.7 miles
Laurel Hills Park, 800-898 Northwest 5th Avenue 4.9 miles
Kenwood Park, 4645 Clinton Blvd 5 miles
Hibiscus Park, 226-298 Southwest 7th Street 5.1 miles
Sherwood Forest Blvd, 6253-6255 7 Springs Blvd 5.1 miles
Hester Community Center, 1751-1901 N Seacrest Blvd 5.3 miles
Evergreen Lane, Evergreen Ln 5.3 miles
Wilson Park, 101-199 Northwest 13th Court 5.4 miles
Sara Sims Park, 200-248 Northwest 10th Avenue 5.5 miles
Boynton Bay Circle, 499 Boynton Bay Cir 5.7 miles
Early Headstart Park, 1101 Mentone Rd 5.7 miles
Masters Road, 317 Masters Rd 5.8 miles
South Tech Academy, 1480 SW 30th Ave 5.8 miles
John Prince, 2329 Lake Worth Rd 5.9 miles
Chapel Hill Park, 1300 SW 35th Ave 6 miles
Forest Hill Park, 2500 SW 8th St 6 miles
Lake Worth Community Development, 1701-1799 Wingfield St 6.2 miles
Pence Park, 600-648 Southeast 3rd Street 6.2 miles
Palm Springs Leisure Services, Cypress Ln 6.5 miles
Betty Thomas Park, 2882 Southeast 2nd Street 6.7 miles
7th Ave N, 1731-1769 7th Ave N 6.8 miles
Pompey Park, 240 NW 10th Ave 7.6 miles
LCS, 1701 Barbados Road 7.7 miles
Village Academy, 300-398 SW 12th Ave 8.2 miles
Delray Residential, 1400-1422 SW 6th St 8.3 miles
Lake Lytal Park, 3645 Gun Club Rd 8.5 miles
Lake Belvedere Estates Park, 5602-5608 Sarazen Dr 8.9 miles
Stacy Street Park, 5060 Stacy St 9.6 miles
Miller Park, 490 Dotterel Rd 10 miles

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