1. United States
  2. Lake Oswego, OR
  3. 1100-1178 Sunningdale Road

Forest Hills Elementary School



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 63° F


67 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
01:04 PM


Time until Sunset
05:22 hrs

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Basketball courts near Forest Hills Elementary School

Name Distance Rating
Rossmen Park Hoop, 350-398 SW C Ave 0.6 miles
Risley Park Streetball Court, 2338-2342 Southeast Swain Avenue 2.8 miles
Portland Waldorf Public Court, SE Harrison St 2300 2.9 miles
Fulton Park, Fulton Park 3.1 miles
Westlake Park, 4900 Melrose St 3.5 miles
Westmoreland City Park, SE 22nd Ave 3.9 miles
Warrior Courts, 4500-4598 Jean Rd 4 miles
water tower park, SE 40th Ave 9800 4.1 miles
World Tree Court, 17834-17964 Central Ave 4.2 miles
Hillsdale Park, 2301-2499 SW 25th Ave 4.3 miles
Gabriel Park, 6701-6947 SW 37th Ave 4.4 miles
Gabriel Park, 6701-6947 SW 37th Ave 4.4 miles
Brooklyn City Park, 3345 SE 11th Ave 5.2 miles
Powell City Park, 3501-3699 SE 26th Ave 5.5 miles
Bonita Park, SW Milton Ct 5.6 miles
Ann-Toni Schreiber Park, 6701 SE Clackamas Rd 5.7 miles
Periander Park, 2855 SW Patton Rd 5.9 miles
Atfalati Park, 6800-6878 SW Wampanoag Dr 6 miles
Aquatic Center, 7616 Southeast Harmony Road 6.1 miles
Bulquist school, SE Webster Rd 15708 6.1 miles
Montesori Pathways, Fanno Creek Trail 6.1 miles
Colonel Summers Park Court, 1915-1925 SE Taylor St 6.4 miles
John Wetten Elementary School, 250 East Exeter Street 6.4 miles
Tualatin Park, 8515 SW Tualatin Rd 6.7 miles
North Park Courts, 501-599 NW 8th Ave 6.9 miles
Couch Park, Metropolitan Learning Center 7.1 miles
Mt Scott Rec Center, 5530 Southeast 72nd Avenue 7.1 miles
Clinton City Park Streetcourts, 5705 SE Clinton St 7.3 miles
Laurelhurst Park Courts, 3801-3899 SE Stark St 7.4 miles
Mission of the Atonement, 7400 SW Scholls Ferry Rd 7.5 miles
Southeast Belmont Street, 4901-4999 Southeast Belmont Street 7.7 miles
Wallace City Park, 2500-2598 NW Raleigh St 7.7 miles
Jurgens Park, 10435 SW Jurgens Ln 7.8 miles
Beaverton Hoop YMCA, 9685 Southwest Harvest Court 7.9 miles
Gardner Middle School, Ethel St 180 7.9 miles
Lafky Park, 9531-9699 SW Siletz Dr 8 miles
Dawson Park Court, 2-198 North Morris Street 8.2 miles
Mt. Tabor City Park, SE Salmon Way 8.2 miles
Northeast Community Center, 3801 NE Sandy Blvd 8.3 miles
Lents Park, 5101-5199 Lents Park 8.4 miles
Overlook Park, 1599 N Fremont St 8.4 miles
Irving Park Courts, 700-798 NE Fremont St 8.5 miles
Grant Park Court, Grant Park Path 8.5 miles
Kennedy Park, 10200 SW Kennedy St 8.5 miles
PCC, 2305 Southeast 82nd Avenue 8.6 miles
Fanno Creek Park, Fanno Creek Trail 8.7 miles
Ibach Park, 21890 SW 103rd Ct 8.7 miles
The Madeline Court, 2301-2373 NE Klickitat St 8.7 miles
Greenway & Parkview Loop, 9300-9398 Southwest Parkview Loop 8.9 miles
Ridgecrest Park, 7608 Southwest Cresmoor Drive 9.1 miles
117th Court, 12088 SE 117th Ave 9.2 miles
Ed Benedict Park, 10202 SE Powell Blvd 9.4 miles
Rose City, 6433 NE Tillamook St 9.4 miles
Montavilla Gym, 564-624 NE 82nd Ave 9.6 miles
Alberta Park Covered Courts, 5520 NE 19th Ave 9.7 miles
Ockley Green Middle School, 1400 N Holman St 9.8 miles

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