1. United States
  2. Indianapolis, IN
  3. 1755 Lafayette Road

Municipal Gardens



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Scattered clouds


Max 49° F


52 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
10:17 PM


Time until Sunrise
09:08 hrs

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Basketball courts near Municipal Gardens

Name Distance Rating
Mozel Sanders Park, 1150-1928 North White River Parkway West Drive 0.6 miles
Reta Mozel Sanders Park, 1136 N Elder Ave 0.7 miles
James Foster Gaines Park, 3450-3498 W 21st St 1.2 miles
Taggart Riverside Park, 2830 East Riverside Drive 1.3 miles
Moreland Parl, 3236 West 29th Street 1.4 miles
Indianola Park, 1830 West Washington Street 1.8 miles
Fall Creek Park, 601-933 W 16th St 1.9 miles
Watkins Park, 2424 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St 2.2 miles
Bertha Ross Park, 3722-3798 Clifton Street 2.5 miles
Rhodius Park, 1701-1817 W Wyoming St 2.6 miles
AJ Thatcher Basketball Court, 288 Gasoline Alley 3 miles
Polin Park, 101-129 East 29th Street 3.4 miles
Martin Luther King Memorial Park, 1901-1999 N Park Ave 3.8 miles
Tarkington Park, 45 W 40th St 3.9 miles
30th and Fall Creek, 3002 East Fall Creek Parkway North Drive 4.2 miles
Gustafson Park, 3008 Moller Road 4.2 miles
Maplewood Elementary School, 1643 Dunlap Avenue 4.3 miles
Hill Park, 1348-1398 E 17th St 4.5 miles
Stout Field Park, 3864-3898 West Bradbury Avenue 4.5 miles
Krannert Park, 605 South High School Road 5.1 miles
Garfield Park, 2230 Garfield Park Center Dr 5.4 miles
Willard Park, 2001-2021 E Washington St 5.4 miles
Arsenal Park, 4601-4899 Haverford Ave 5.6 miles
57th and Central, 5683 North Washington Boulevard 5.7 miles
North Westway Park, 5901-6015 Hollingsworth Road 5.8 miles
Chapel Hill Park, 801-899 North Girls School Road 6.1 miles
Washington Park, 3230-3312 Officer David S. Moore Memorial Parkway 6.1 miles
Bluff Park, 555 W Hanna Ave 6.2 miles
Brookside Park, 3200-3250 Brookside Pkwy S Dr 6.3 miles
Ben Davis High, 7320 West 10th Street 6.4 miles
JCC, 6701 Hoover Rd 6.4 miles
Pride Park, 1129 Vandeman St 7 miles
Intech, Intech Boulevard 7.3 miles
Christian Park, Kingbridge St 7.5 miles
St. Vincent Hospital, 8401 Harcourt Road 8.1 miles
Riverwood Park, 1901-2107 Haynes Avenue 8.3 miles
Summer Time Hoops, 3660 East 62nd Street 8.5 miles
Sarah Bolton Park, 1501-1565 16th Ave 8.6 miles
Armstrong Pavillion, 5240 S High School Rd 8.7 miles
Carson Park, 5423 S High School Rd 8.7 miles
Decatur Township High School, 5251 Kentucky Ave 8.8 miles
Wes Montgomery Park, 5501 E 35th St 8.9 miles
Jordan YMCA, 8364-8380 Westfield Boulevard 9.3 miles

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