1. United States
  2. Henderson, NV
  3. 1546 West Warm Springs Road

Green Valley High School



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 52° F


49 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
03:01 PM


Time until Sunset
01:50 hrs

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Basketball courts near Green Valley High School

Name Distance Rating
Arroyo Grande, 224-254 N Arroyo Grande Blvd 0.9 miles
Whiteney Ranch Rec, 1575 Galleria Dr 1.3 miles
Hillpointe Park, 1800-11814 Hillpointe Rd 1.4 miles
Silver Springs Rec, 1951 Silver Springs Pkwy 1.8 miles
Southeast Career Technical Academy, 5710 Mountain Vista St 1.8 miles
Mountain View Park, 1854 Bogey 2.3 miles
Cortney Middle School, 5301 E Hacienda Ave 2.4 miles
Selma F Bartlett School, 4590-4688 Bruce Woodbury Beltway 2.4 miles
Harmon Elementary School, 5351 Hillsboro Ln 2.6 miles
Paseo Verde Park, 1850-1898 Desert Shadow Trail 2.6 miles
Rodeo Park, 810 Aspen Peak Loop 2.7 miles
Acacia Park, 2-50 Casa Del Fuego Street 3.1 miles
Discovery Park, 280-298 Walnut Village Lane 3.2 miles
Green Valley Park, 2500-2528 Millcroft Drive 3.2 miles
Henderson Multi Gym, 2067-2099 Paseo Verde Pkwy 3.2 miles
Wells Park, 1678-1698 Price Street 3.4 miles
Legacy West Park, 136-142 North Pecos Road 3.5 miles
Del Sol High, 3251-3299 E Oquendo Rd 4.1 miles
Paseo Vista Park, Paseo Verde Trail 4.2 miles
French School LV, 5340-5362 S Mojave Rd 4.3 miles
Sunset Park, Sunset Park / Eastern Sunset Road 4.4 miles
Burkholder Park, 337-507 W Van Wagenen St 4.5 miles
Cannon Middle School, 5850 Euclid St 4.7 miles
Paradise Park, 4770 Harrison Dr 5 miles
Rec Center, 310 W Pacific Ave 5 miles
Sunridge Park, 2300 Rocky Ridge Drive 5.2 miles
Anthem Hills Park, McCullough Hills Parkway 5.7 miles
Henderson City Park, 144 Westminster Way 5.8 miles
Desert Bloom Park, East Wigwam Avenue 6 miles
Black Mountain Rec Center, Greenway Rd 6.1 miles
O'Callaghan Park, 638 Summerland Drive 6.1 miles
Winterwood Park, 2001 S Winterwood Blvd 6.3 miles
Duck Creek Park, 8698 Auburn Leaf Street 6.5 miles
Lewis Family Park, 6518 Candy Apple Cir 6.6 miles
Palo Verde Drive, 400 Palo Verde Dr 6.6 miles
Burkholder Boulevard Street Court, Burkholder Blvd 6.8 miles
Goldfarb School, 6311 Pavestone Ln 6.8 miles
Puccini Park, 1865-1877 Seven Hills Drive 6.8 miles
Hollywood Recreation Center 6.9 miles
UNLV Rec Center, 919 E Tropicana Ave 6.9 miles
Hidden Palms Park, Hidden Palms Parkway 7 miles
Thomas & Mack, Thomas and Mack 7.1 miles
Sonata Park, 1305 Echo Wind Avenue 7.3 miles
Paradise Elementary, 900 Cottage Grove Ave 7.4 miles
Jaycee Park, 2100 E St Louis Ave 7.5 miles
Mission Hills Park, Mission Dr 7.7 miles
Eldorado High School, 1139 Linn Ln 8.4 miles
Wigwam Ave, 2573-2725 West Wigwam Avenue 8.7 miles
River Mountain Park, 1401-1499 Colt Drive 9 miles
Clark Avenue, 700-798 Clark Ave 9.5 miles

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