1. United States
  2. Hawthorne, NJ
  3. 75 Fairview Ave

Branagh's Court



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 73° F


28 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
05:43 PM


Time until Sunset
00:35 hrs

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Basketball courts near Branagh's Court

Name Distance Rating
Hawthorne High School, 98-102 Bamford Ave 1.6 miles
Community Field, Woodland Ave 2.1 miles
Grace Buckley Park, 231-249 Redwood Ave 3.9 miles
Fair Lawn HS, 16-01 Romaine St 4.3 miles
Fair Lawn Rec Center, 17 Romaine St 4.4 miles
Berdan Park, 28 Berdan Ave 4.7 miles
Elmwood Drive, 171-209 Elmwood Dr 5.2 miles
Wayne Township School District, 50 Nellis Dr 5.7 miles
Bergen Community College, BCC, Paramus Rd 5.8 miles
Frank Zaccaria Memorial Park, 356 Rifle Camp Road 6 miles
Elmwood Park Basketball Court, E Pkwy 6.3 miles
Finch Park, 14 Davidson Ave 6.3 miles
East Beach Basketball Courts, 75 Lake Dr E 6.5 miles
Nash Park, 708-826 Lexington Ave 6.8 miles
Nash Park, Lexington Ave 700 6.8 miles
Ravine Park, 45 Kashey Street 6.8 miles
Osborne Terrace Bridge Basketball Courts, 7 Osborne Terrace 7 miles
The Cliff Gennarelli-Paramus Sports-Plex, Garden State Plaza Parkway 7 miles
Memorial Field, 430-450 Pascack Rd 7.2 miles
Petruska Park, 471-479 N Farview Ave 7.6 miles
Oak Ridge Park, 41-45 St James Pl 8 miles
Roe Field Park Basketball Courts, 8 Post Ln 8 miles
Mahwah Rec, 101-149 Island Rd 8.1 miles
Cruise Memorial Elementary School, 380 Paulison Avenue 8.2 miles
Memorial Park, 817 N Wyoming Ave 8.3 miles
Dream Court, Passaic, NJ 8.5 miles
Little Falls Park, 35 Amity St 8.5 miles
Pulaski Park Basketball Courts, Bergen Street 8.5 miles
Hershfield, 19 Hershfield Park Pl 8.6 miles
Wayne Street Basketball Courts, 35 Wayne St 8.8 miles
Mountainside Court, 465-505 Upper Mountain Ave 9 miles
Tuers Park, 16 Stonehenge Rd 9.1 miles
Back Beach Park, 4th Ave 9.2 miles
Riverdale Boro, Wedgewood Rd 9.3 miles
Wallington High School, 211 Pulaski Ave 9.3 miles
Covanta, 55 Lane Rd 9.5 miles
McKenzie Recreation Area, 798 Paterson Ave 9.6 miles
Carver Park, 294 2nd St 9.9 miles
Vassar Field, 51 Day Street 10 miles

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