1. United States
  2. Glendale, AZ
  3. 7218-7498 N 48th Dr

Delicias Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 89° F


23 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
12:50 PM


Time until Sunset
05:06 hrs

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Basketball courts near Delicias Park

Name Distance Rating
Sands Park, 7505 N 55th Ave 0.9 miles
Clavelito Park, N 53rd Ave 1 miles
Horizon Park Outdoor Courts, 8520 N 47th Ave 1.1 miles
Rose Lane Park, 5099 W Marlette Ave 1.1 miles
New World Park Outdoor Court, N 50th Ave 1.3 miles
La Pradera Park, N 39th Ave 1.5 miles
Butler Park Outdoor Courts, 8530 N 55th Ave 1.6 miles
Lawrence Park Court, 6130 W Lawrence Rd 2 miles
Sunset Park Outdoor Courts, 4626 W Mountain View Rd 2.1 miles
Glendale High School, 6216 W Myrtle Ave 2.2 miles
Heritage Park Outdoor Court, N 54th Ave 2.2 miles
Mariposa Park, 3144-3298 W Morten Ave 2.5 miles
The Nest, North Pointe Preparatory 2.5 miles
Ocotillo Elementary, 3225 W Ocotillo Rd 2.6 miles
Cortez Park, 9023 N 35th Ave 2.7 miles
Scoob's Court, N 31st Dr 2.7 miles
Cortez High School, 8710 N 31st Ave 2.8 miles
O´Niel Park Court, N 64th Ave 3 miles
Cholla Park Court, N 53rd Ave 3.1 miles
Orangewood Church Outdoor Court, W Orangewood Ave 3.1 miles
Ring Of Death, 11435 N 49th Dr 3.1 miles
W Glenrosa Ave & N Maryland Parkway, 4315 N Maryvale Pkwy 3.3 miles
Tumbleweed Elementary School, 4001 W Laurel Ln 3.6 miles
Celito Park Outdoor Court, 3402 W Campbell Ave 3.7 miles
Cortez Sunnyside Park, N 62nd Ave 3.7 miles
Sunnyslope Park, N 71st Ave 3.7 miles
Cactus Park, Moon Valley High School 3.8 miles
Holiday Park Outdoor Court, W Meadowbrook Ave 4 miles
Washington Park, N 23rd Ave 4 miles
Bicentennial North School, 7237 W Missouri Ave 4.1 miles
Holiday Park School, 4417 North 67th Avenue 4.1 miles
Orme Park, 3201 N 47th Dr 4.1 miles
Sunset Palms Park Street Court, N 54th Ave 4.1 miles
Marivue Park, 5625 W Osborn Rd 4.2 miles
Murphy Park Courts, N 73rd Ave 4.2 miles
Rose Mofford Sports Complex, 9833 N 25th Ave 4.2 miles
Coyote Ridge, 7677 W Bethany Home Rd 4.3 miles
Desert Valley Park, 12901 N 63rd Ave 4.4 miles
Ladmo Park, N 41st Ave 4.4 miles
Cave Creek Park Court, 2520 W Cholla St 4.6 miles
Discovery Park Court, 7979 W Citrus Way 4.7 miles
Sweetwater Court, N Metro North Corporate Park 5 miles
Lutheran Church of the Master, W Cactus Rd 5.1 miles
Sueno Park Outdoor Court, 4401 W Encanto Blvd 5.1 miles
Heroes Regional Park, NB 83RD Ave FS Berridge Ln 5.2 miles
Solano Park Outdoor Court, 5625 N 17th Ave 5.2 miles
El Oso Park Outdoor Court, 3443 N 75th Ave 5.4 miles
Cavecreek Park, N 25th Ave 5.5 miles
Desert Park West, 6501 W. Virginia 5.5 miles
Sweetwater Basketball Courts, 7460 W Sweetwater Ave 5.5 miles
N 9th Ave & W Why Worry Ln, N 9th Ave 5.6 miles
Isaac Middle School, N 35th Ave 5.7 miles
Country Gable Park Outdoor Court, 3220 W Banff Ln 5.8 miles
Cave Creek Park, W Rue De Lamour Ave 5.9 miles
Osborn Middle School, N 11th Ave 5.9 miles
Starlight Park Outdoor Court, N 78th Ave 5.9 miles
Tierra Buena Park, W Marconi Ave 5.9 miles
Mountain View Park, 9810-9830 North 7th Avenue 6.1 miles
Pasadena Park, W Pasadena Ave 6.1 miles
Sunburst Paradise Park, 16225 N 47th Ave 6.1 miles
Cave Greek Park, 14421 N 23rd Ave 6.2 miles
Braewood Park, 10950 N 87th Ave 6.3 miles
Falcon Park Basketball Court, N 34th Ave 6.3 miles
Southwest Ridge Apartments, 5768-5820 West Villa Street 6.3 miles
Sunridge Park, 852 N 62nd Ln 6.4 miles
Desert Rose Park, N 63rd Ave 6.6 miles
Falcon Park, 682-738 N 33rd Ave 6.6 miles
Encanto Park, 2025-2299 N 15th Ave 7.1 miles
North Hills Church Gymnasium, 15026 N 15th Dr 7.1 miles
West Willow Park, W Polk St 7.1 miles
Smith Park Outdoor Court, 715 N 41st Ave 7.3 miles
Desert Star Park Outdoor Court, W Encanto Blvd 7.5 miles
Palma Park Courts, N 12th St 7.5 miles
Moon Valley Park, W Coral Gables Dr 8 miles
North Mountain Baptist Church, 10202 N Cave Creek Rd 8 miles
Carmel Park, Carmel Park 8.1 miles
Dos Lagos Park Outdoor Court, N 63rd Ave 8.3 miles
Monterey Park, 350 E Oak St 8.3 miles
Morningside Park Outdoor Courts, W Morningside Dr 8.3 miles
Pioneer Park Outdoor Courts, 1946 W Morningside Dr 8.3 miles
University Park, 1002 W Van Buren St 8.3 miles
Madison School, 5627 N 16th St 8.4 miles
Sumida Park Court, 1809 E Gardenia Ave 8.4 miles
Utopia Park, 7150-7158 W Utopia Rd 8.6 miles
Holy Trinity Academy, 1973 East Maryland Ave 8.7 miles
Townsend Park, 401-513 East McDowell Road 8.7 miles
Coffelt Park Outdoor Court, 1510 S 19th Dr 8.8 miles
Emerson Elementary School, 915 E Palm Ln 8.8 miles
Madison Heights Elementary School, 7150 N 22nd St 8.8 miles
Apache Park Outdoor Courts, 8631 W John Cabot Rd 8.9 miles
Ninos Mini Park, 1318 West Hadley Street 8.9 miles
Dust Devil Park, 4915 North 107th Avenue 9 miles
Alkire Park, 1602 W Pima St 9.1 miles
Coronado Park, 1815 N 12th St 9.2 miles
Virginia Park, 1515 East Cambridge Avenue 9.2 miles
Deer Valley Park, 2001 W Wahalla Ln 9.3 miles
Tolleson Town, 700 N 95th Cir 9.3 miles
Tolleson Town Park No. 2, 700 N 95th Cir 9.3 miles
East Cheryl Drive, 2349 E Cheryl Dr 9.4 miles
Grant Park Outdoor Court, S 2nd Ave 9.4 miles
Verde Park, 902 E Van Buren St 9.5 miles
Loma Linda School, 2002 East Clarendon Ave 9.6 miles
Central Park Outdoor Court, E Tonto St 9.7 miles
Union High School, 202 N 96th Ave 9.7 miles
Garfield School, 811 N 13th St 9.8 miles
Christy Cove Outdoor Courts, 11875 N 24th St 9.9 miles
Mercury Mine, 9640 North 28th Street 10 miles

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