1. United States
  2. Gilbert, AZ
  3. 500 E Houston Ave

Houston Elementary School



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Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 61° F


71 %


Light Air

Local Time

Local Time
11:52 AM


Time until Sunset
06:28 hrs

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Basketball courts near Houston Elementary School

Name Distance Rating
Kingsborough Park, 2211-2399 E Holmes Ave 1.1 miles
Freestone Park, 1013-1147 E Juniper Ave 1.3 miles
Emerald Park, S Harris Dr 1.5 miles
Silvergate Park Half Court, 1007 S Rose 1.7 miles
Stone Creek Park, 72-116 S Stonecreek Blvd 2.1 miles
Countryside Park, S 32nd St 2.1 miles
Reed Park, 1551-1599 E Broadway Rd 2.7 miles
McQueen Park, McQueen Park 2.8 miles
Mesquite Street Court, 424 South Coronado Road 3.1 miles
Ellsworth Park, 200-398 S Fraser Dr 3.4 miles
Inspire Courts AZ, 1090 N Fiesta Blvd 3.8 miles
Mesquite High School, Mesquite High North Drive 3.8 miles
New Horizon School for the Performing Arts, 446 E Broadwa 3.8 miles
North Claiborne Avenue, N Claiborne Ave 3.8 miles
Springtree Neighborhood Park, 1668-1798 S Southwind Dr 3.8 miles
Stapley Park, 309 S Udall 3.8 miles
Crossroads District Park, 2305 E Knox Rd 4.1 miles
Kristin Ranch Basketball Court, 1046 N San Benito Dr 4.1 miles
Pioneer Park, 526 E Main St 4.1 miles
Gilbert Rodeo Park, S Key Biscayne Dr 4.2 miles
Mountain View Park, E Enrose St 4.2 miles
Guerrero Rotary Park, 203 W 8th Ave 4.3 miles
Cameron Ranch Basketball Court, 3504 E Melody Ln 4.5 miles
Melody Ranch Basketball Court, E San Angelo Ave 4.5 miles
Stonegate Park, N Ithica St 4.5 miles
Cosmo Park, 2627 E Virginia St 4.7 miles
Sunnyvale Court, 3381 East Sierra Madre Avenue 4.7 miles
E Hale St, 1425 N 23rd St 4.8 miles
Enid Park, E Enid Ave 4.8 miles
Escobedo Park, 461-525 N Hibbert 4.8 miles
Pima Park, 700 N Superstition Blvd 4.8 miles
Rancho Del Mar Park, S Cherry 4.8 miles
Carol Rae Ranch Basketball Court, 1000-1164 N Bridlegate Dr 4.9 miles
Crismon Elementary School, 825 W Medina Ave 5 miles
Fitch Basketball Courts, E 8th St 5 miles
Washington Park, 509 N Pima 5 miles
Chaparral Park, 1635 N Gilbert Rd 5.1 miles
Morrison Ranch Court, South Bridlegate Drive 5.2 miles
Cindy & Lakeview, 1694 E Cindy St 5.3 miles
Hoopes Park, 601 West Mesquite Street 5.3 miles
Evergreen Park, 201-399 W 5th Pl 5.4 miles
Kleinman Park, 1001-1099 Fiesta Pointe 5.4 miles
Towne Meadows HOA Park, 1002-1038 N Pheasant Dr 5.5 miles
Patterson Court, S Patterson 5.6 miles
Highland High School, 4301 East Guadalupe Rd 5.7 miles
Princess Park, 4461 E Princess Dr 5.7 miles
Hermosa Vista Park, E Leonora St 5.8 miles
Armstrong Park, 300 E Chandler Blvd 5.9 miles
Apache Park, 781 W Kent Pl 6 miles
Discovery Park, Unnamed Road 6.1 miles
Navarette Park, 200 W Galveston St 6.1 miles
Folley Memorial Park, S Hamilton St 6.3 miles
Mesa Community College, 1820-1852 West Mesa Community Coll 6.3 miles
Shawnee Park Court, 1507 W Shawnee Dr 6.4 miles
Sheepherders Park, 2712 N 25th St 6.4 miles
Whitman Park, 1750 N Grand 6.4 miles
Palo Verde Park, 1801-1943 W Pampa Ave 6.5 miles
Fighter Aces Basketball Court, Fighter Aces Dr 6.6 miles
Brooks Crossing Park, 1345 W Calle Del Norte 6.7 miles
Derringer Park, 2907 E Derringer Way 6.7 miles
Dobson Court, 2251-2339 S Dobson Rd 6.8 miles
Monterey Park, 2650-2698 S Brighton 6.9 miles
S Clairrborne, 2892 E Sandy Ct 6.9 miles
Alta Mesa Park, E McLellan Rd 7.1 miles
Erhardt Park, 3901-3999 S Evergreen Rd 7.1 miles
Tempe Canal Trail, Tempe Canal Trail 7.1 miles
Andersen, 1915 W Manor St 7.2 miles
Melrose Park, 2911 E Melrose St 7.3 miles
Daumler Park Courts, 2825 S Evergreen Rd 7.5 miles
Jefferson Park Basketball Courts, S Jefferson Ave 7.5 miles
Carriage Lane Park, 3140 S Carriage Ln 7.7 miles
Riverview Basketball Courts, N Riverview 7.8 miles
Esquer Park, 2301-2399 E McArthur Dr 8 miles
Cole Park, U.S. 60 8.3 miles
Cole Park, U.S. 60 8.3 miles
Rotary Park, 2100-2108 U.S. 60 8.3 miles
Optimist Park, 1975 E Cornell Dr 8.4 miles
Blue Park Coronado Ranch, 4536 S Carmalita Ct 8.5 miles
Pequeno Park, 777 N Coronado St 8.5 miles
Selleh Park Courts, 2425 S Los Feliz Dr 8.7 miles
Eagle Basketball Court, N Red Mountain Park 8.8 miles
Groves Park, 4089 E Wagon Cir 8.8 miles
Owl Basketball Court, N Red Mountain Park 8.8 miles
Stroud Park, 6818 S Los Feliz Dr 8.9 miles
Falcon Hill Park, E Jasmine St 9 miles
Power Ranch Duck Pond, Unnamed Road 9.1 miles
Goodwin Park, 1821-1893 East Caroline Lane 9.2 miles
Estrada Park Court, 8717-8781 South McClintock Drive 9.3 miles
Scudder Park Courts, E South Shore Dr 9.3 miles
Arredondo Park, U.S. 60 9.4 miles
Desperado Park, 4543 E Marshall Ave 9.4 miles
Harter Park, 601-649 N Country Club Way 9.4 miles
Meyer Elementary School, 2615 S Dorsey Ln 9.4 miles
Meyer Park, 2727 S Dorsey Ln 9.4 miles
St Oak St, 3504 S Oak St 9.5 miles
Sudder Park, 1269-1299 E Southshore Dr 9.5 miles
Hollis Park, 1243-1299 E Malibu Dr 9.6 miles
Redden Park, 1305 E Redfield Rd 9.6 miles
Dorsey Church, 1250 E Southern Ave 9.7 miles
Chuparosa Park Courts, W Earl Blvd 9.8 miles
Corbell Park, 7423 S Rita Ln 9.8 miles
Hudson Park Court, 1430 E Cedar St 9.8 miles
Waggoner Park Court, 1100 West Carver Road 9.9 miles
Vista del Cerro Court, E Apartment 10 miles

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