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Basketball Courts near Encino, CA

Name Distance Rating
Millikan Middle School Courts 5.1 miles
Barrington Recreation Center, 333 S Barrington Ave 7.1 miles
JEM Community Center, 9930 S Santa Monica Blvd 9 miles
Reed Park, 7th & Wilshire 9.4 miles
Stewart Street Park, Stewart St 9.4 miles
Memorial Park Gym, 1401 Olympic Blvd 9.7 miles
Virginia Avenue Park, 2201 Pico Blvd 9.8 miles
Encino Community Center, 4900-4992 Genesta Ave 0.2 miles
Balboa Park, 17015 Burbank Blvd 1 miles
Reseda Rec Center, Victory Blvd 2.9 miles
Delano Rec Center, Noble Ave 3.1 miles
Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park, 4900-5014 Tyrone Ave 4 miles
Van Nuys Recreation Center, 14301 Vanowen Street 4.6 miles
Taft High School, 5353-5399 Del Moreno Dr 5.1 miles
Dearborn Park, 17134-17198 Dearborn Street 5.4 miles
Sutter Basketball Courts, 7242-7252 Winnetka Ave 5.6 miles
Heritage Christian School, 9825 Woodley Ave 6.3 miles
Studio City Half Court, Beeman Ave 6.5 miles
Winnetka Recreation Center, 8401 Winnetka Ave 6.5 miles
Quimby Park, 7008 De Soto Ave 6.6 miles
The Summit Club At Palisades, The Summit Club At Palisades 6.7 miles
The Archer School for Girls, The Archer School for Girls 6.8 miles
Northridge Recreation Center, 10022 Reseda Blvd 6.9 miles
Saxon Basketball Courts, 353 De Neve Drive 6.9 miles
Revere Middle School, Revere Middle School 7 miles
John Wooden Center, 221 Westwood Plaza 7.2 miles
Pauley Pavillion Court, Strathmore Pl 7.2 miles
Petit Park, 16730 Chatsworth St 7.2 miles
De La Salle School, 16535 Chatsworth St 7.3 miles
Valley Plaza Rec Center, 12240 Archwood St 7.3 miles
LA Fitness, Hiawatha St 7.4 miles
Jamie Beth Slaven Park, Strathem St 7.5 miles
Interesting Game, 12702 San Vicente Blvd 7.8 miles
Woodland Hills Rec Center, 5858 Shoup Ave 7.8 miles
Palisades Charter High School, 941 Temescal Canyon Rd 7.9 miles
St. Matthews Parish School, St. Matthews Parish School 7.9 miles
Pinecrest Woodland Hills School, 5975 Shoup Avenue 8 miles
Lanark Park, Strathern St 8.1 miles
North Hollywood Skate Plaza, Hollywood Fwy 8.2 miles
Westwood Park, 1351-1399 Veteran Ave 8.2 miles
Westwood Recreation Center, 1350 South Sepulveda Boulevard 8.2 miles
Palisades Park 8.3 miles
Brockton Avenue Elementary School, Brockton Avenue Elementary School 8.4 miles
Fernangeles Recreation Center, Laurel Canyon Blvd 8.4 miles
Franklin Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School 8.4 miles
Maurice Sendak Elementary School, 11414 Tiara St 8.4 miles
North Hollywood Park, 5211 Tujunga Ave 8.4 miles
Rustic Canyon Recreation Center, Rustic Canyon Recreation Center 8.4 miles
Marquez Charter Elementary School, 16801-16899 Marquez Ave 8.5 miles
University High School, 11800 Texas Avenue 8.5 miles
Shadow Ranch Park, 22633 Vanowen St 8.6 miles
Ritchie Valens Park, 10731 Laurel Canyon Blvd 8.7 miles
Woodbridge Park, 11230 Moorpark St 8.7 miles
Canyon Charter Elementary School, Canyon Charter Elementary School 8.8 miles
Carlthorp School, 438 San Vicente Blvd 8.9 miles
Mason Park Court, Hiawatha St 8.9 miles
McKinley Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School 8.9 miles
Lincoln Middle School, Lincoln Middle School 9 miles
Roosevelt Elementary School, 800-850 Alta Ave 9 miles
Stoner Recreation Center, 11801 Missouri Avenue 9 miles
Victory/Vineland Rec Center Indoor Court, 11117 Victory Blvd 9.1 miles
Beverly Hills Unified School District, 355-399 Heath Avenue 9.2 miles
North Weddington Rec Center, Acama St 9.3 miles
St. Monica Catholic High School, 1030 Lincoln Blvd 9.3 miles
The Y, 11336 Corbin Avenue 9.3 miles
Recreation Park, 208 Park Ave 9.6 miles
Roxybury Memorial Park, Roxbury Dr 9.6 miles
West Hollywood Park, 647 N San Vicente Blvd 9.6 miles
Sierra Canyon Gym, Rinaldi st. 9.7 miles
Toluca Lake Elementary School, 4840 Cahuenga Blvd 9.7 miles
Sun Valley Rec Center, 11030-11098 Cantara St 9.8 miles
Porter Ridge Park, 18812 Kilfinan St 9.9 miles
Rinaldi Park, Variel Ave 10 miles

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