1. United States
  2. Dublin, CA
  3. 7618-7890 San Ramon Road

St. Raymond School



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Current Conditions


Overcast clouds


Max 52° F


87 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
08:36 AM


Time until Sunset
09:19 hrs

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Basketball courts near St. Raymond School

Name Distance Rating
Dublin Elementary School, Dublin Elementary School 0.4 miles
Dolan Park, Dolan Park 0.5 miles
Nielsen Elementary School, 7500 Amarillo Road 0.5 miles
Murray Elementary School, Murray Elementary School 0.8 miles
Country Club Elementary School, 7534 Blue Fox Way 1.2 miles
Frederiksen Elementary School, 7243 Tamarack Drive 1.2 miles
Dublin High School, Langmuir Ln 6939 1.3 miles
Valley Christian School, 7500 Inspiration Drive 1.3 miles
Laurel Creek Drive Court, 6030 Laurel Creek Drive 1.4 miles
Wells Middle School, 6800-6868 Penn Drive 1.4 miles
Pine Valley Middle School, 9723 Laguna Place 1.8 miles
Walt Disney Elementary School, 3250 Pine Valley Road 1.9 miles
Alamo Creek Park, Shady Creek Road 2.1 miles
Neil Armstrong Elementary School, 9701-9799 Mennet Way 2.1 miles
Old Ranch Park, 1030-1038 Vista Monte Drive 2.1 miles
Timber Wolf Ct Court, 258-262 Cromwell Avenue 2.3 miles
California High School, Iron Horse Regional Trail 2.4 miles
Lydiksen Elementary School, 7700 Highland Oaks Drive 2.6 miles
Muirwood Community Park, Interstate 680 2.6 miles
Athan Downs Park, 680 Montevideo Drive 2.8 miles
Donlon Elementary School, Donlon Elementary School 2.9 miles
Montevideo Elementary School, 13000 Broadmoor Dr 3 miles
Chevron World Headquarters, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd 3.3 miles
Valley Trails Park, 3614 Platt Court South 3.4 miles
Hart Middle School, Hart Middle School 3.5 miles
Windemere Ranch Middle School, Windemere Ranch Middle School 3.5 miles
Owens Plaza Park, Owens Plaza Park 3.7 miles
Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park, Paseo Santa Cruz 3.7 miles
San Ramon Central Park, 7060 Bollinger Canyon Rd 3.7 miles
Del Prado Park, Paseo Santa Cruz 3.8 miles
James Dougherty Elementary School, 4663-4769 Central Parkway 3.9 miles
Meadowlark Park, Regency Dr 3.9 miles
Quail Run Elementary School, 4040 Goldenbay Avenue 3.9 miles
Bollinger Canyon Elementary School, 2300 Talavera Drive 4 miles
San Ramon Sports Park, East Branch Parkway 4 miles
The Bridges Community Center, 9324 Mediar Drive 4 miles
Creekside Park, 1343 South Wedgewood Road 4.1 miles
Creekside Park, 5635 West Las Positas Boulevard 4.1 miles
Iron Horse Middle School, 900 Woodland Drive 4.1 miles
Six Pillars Park, Windemere Parkway 4.1 miles
Hansen Park, 5788 Hansen Dr 4.2 miles
Live Oak Elementary School, Live Oak Elementary School 4.2 miles
Pleasanton Sports Park, 4849 Smith Gate Ct 4.2 miles
Coyote Crossing Park, 4500 Sweetgale Drive 4.4 miles
East Branch Park, 857 Pipers Brook Court 4.4 miles
Emerald Glen Park, Gleason Dr 4.4 miles
Gale Ranch Middle School, 11800 Bollinger Canyon Road 4.4 miles
Laguna Oaks Court, 2700 Lylewood Drive 4.4 miles
Coyote Creek Elementary School, 7277 Briza Loop 4.5 miles
Dougherty Valley High School, 10550 Albion Road 4.6 miles
Harvest Park Middle School, 4900 Valley Avenue 4.7 miles
Limerick Park, 2830 Bethany Road 4.7 miles
Walnut Grove Elementary School, Walnut Grove Elementary School 4.7 miles
Fairlands Elementary School, Fairlands Elementary School 4.8 miles
Hidden Hills Elementary School, 12995 Harcourt Way 4.8 miles
Fallon Middle School, 5338 South Dublin Ranch Drive 5 miles
Nielsen Park, 2365 Oakland Ave 5 miles
Golden View Elementary School, Golden View Elementary School 5.1 miles
Hacienda School, Hacienda School 5.1 miles
Twin Creeks Elementary School, 2463-2491 Dos Rios Drive 5.1 miles
Fawn Hills Park, 1500 West Lagoon Road 5.2 miles
Ted Fairfield Park, 3300 Antone Way 5.2 miles
John Green Elementary School, John Green Elementary School 5.3 miles
Orloff Park, 1846 Harms Dr 5.3 miles
Piccadilly Square Park, 2836 Piccadilly Circle 5.3 miles
Amador Valley High School, 1331 Santa Rita Road 5.4 miles
Bray Commons Park, Finnian Way 5.4 miles
Alisal Elementary School, Alisal Elementary School 5.5 miles
Hearst Elementary School, Valley Avenue 5.5 miles
Pleasanton Middle School, Pleasanton Middle School 5.5 miles
Amaral Park, 3400 Dennis Dr 5.6 miles
Diablo Vista Park, Tassajara Ranch Dr 5.7 miles
Kolb Elementary School, Lockhart Street 5.7 miles
Meadows Park, 3304-3306 W Las Positas Blvd 5.7 miles
Fallon Sports Park, 4605 Lockhart St 5.8 miles
Greenbrook Elementary School, Iron Horse Regional Trail 5.9 miles
Village High School, 4601-4659 Bernal Ave 5.9 miles
Palomares Hills Community Center, 6811 Villareal Dr 6 miles
Kottinger Village Park, Kottinger Village Park 6.1 miles
Northridge Park, 95 Tuscany Way 6.2 miles
Mission Hills Park, 576 Mission Dr 6.3 miles
Valley View Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School 6.5 miles
Sycamore Valley Elementary School, Sand Hill Trail 6.6 miles
Valley Sycamore Park, 2101 Holbrook Dr 6.6 miles
Blackhawk Sports & Recreation Center, 4345 Mansfield Drive 6.7 miles
Charlotte Wood Middle School, Osage Park Pathway 6.7 miles
Diablo Vista Middle School, 4100 Camino Tassajara 6.7 miles
Tawny Park, 517-545 Tawny Drive 6.8 miles
Creekside Elementary School, Charbray Street 6.9 miles
Vintage Hills Elementary School, 1001-1245 Concord Street 7 miles
John Baldwin Elementary School, 194 Paraiso Drive 7.2 miles
Tassajara Hills Elementary School, 4675 Camino Tassajara 7.4 miles
Canyon Middle School, 19602 Cull Canyon Road 7.7 miles
Blackhawk Country Club, 1000-1056 Eagle Nest Place 7.8 miles
Vista Grande Elementary School, 821 Richard Lane 8.4 miles
Montair Elementary School, 302-362 Quinnterra Lane 8.6 miles
Green Valley Elementary School, Kids' Country-Green Valley 8.8 miles
St. Isidore School, 455 La Gonda Way 9.1 miles
Los Cerros Middle School, 960 Blemer Road 9.2 miles
Del Amigo Continuation High School, 189 Del Amigo Road 9.3 miles
5th St. Decoto Court, 213 Dutra Vernaci Drive 9.4 miles
Monte Vista High School, 3131 Stone Valley Road 9.5 miles
Bret Harte Park, 1080 E St 10 miles

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