1. United States
  2. District Heights, MD
  3. 5600 Regency Lane

Suitland Community Center



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 50° F


57 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
10:40 PM


Time until Sunrise
08:05 hrs

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Basketball courts near Suitland Community Center

Name Distance Rating
District Heights Recreation, 2000 Marbury Drive 2.1 miles
Fort Davis Recreation Center, 1401-1499 41st St SE 3 miles
Walker Mill Regional Park, 7701-7857 Walker Mill Road 3.3 miles
Hillcrest Recreational Center, Camden Street Southeast 3.9 miles
Cape Dr SE, 151-299 Burns St SE 4 miles
Little Washington Neighborhood Park, 2289-2331 Sansbury Road 4.5 miles
Anacostia Park, 2558-2642 Fairlawn Ave SE 4.8 miles
Bruce Pl SE, 1916 Frederick Douglass Ct SE 4.9 miles
Oxon Run Park, 1701-1823 Mississippi Avenue Southeast 4.9 miles
Anacosta Ave NE, 380 Anacostia Ave NE 5 miles
Fort Stanton Recreation Center, 1700-1776 Erie St SE 5 miles
Mississippi Ave SE, 1500 Mississippi Ave SE 5.3 miles
Tanglewood Community Park, 8404 Autumn Way 5.5 miles
Eastern Senior High School, 50-98 19th St NE 5.7 miles
Valley Ave SE, 1025-1201 Valley Ave SE 5.7 miles
Washington View, Douglass Pl 5.7 miles
Blow Elementary School, Clagett Pl NE 5.8 miles
Langston Playground, 785-881 26th St NE 5.8 miles
Fenwood Ave, 5600 Livingston Rd 5.9 miles
Payne Playground, 301-399 15th St SE 5.9 miles
Mary Church Terrell Recreation Center, 3306 Oxon Run Rd SE 6 miles
Rosedale Playground, 1701-1799 Gales St NE 6 miles
Savoy Recreation Center, 1018-1266 Howard Rd SE 6 miles
8th St SE, 700-798 Xenia St SE 6.1 miles
Melwood Elementary School, 7152-7168 Woodyard Road 6.1 miles
Watkins Recreation Center, 1201-1299 D St SE 6.1 miles
Barry Farms Recreation Center, Suitland Pkwy 6.2 miles
Congress Heights Playground, 615 Alabama Ave SE 6.2 miles
Tucker Rd Community Center, Henson Creek Trail 6.3 miles
Arboretum Recreation Center, Hickey Ln NE 6.4 miles
Dakota Playground, 2350-2398 33rd St NE 6.4 miles
Forest Heights Neighborhood Park, 5710 Shawnee Dr 6.5 miles
Lincoln Playground, 1000 5th St SE 6.6 miles
Mellwood Hills Community Park, 7398 Dower House Road 6.8 miles
Mellwood Park, Brooklee Dr 6.9 miles
Saint Peters School, 422 Third Street SE 6.9 miles
Sherwood Recreation Center, 601-699 9th St NE 6.9 miles
Brooklee Drive, 11400 Brooklee Drive 7.1 miles
Ludlow Taylor Elementary School, 600-698 Morris Pl NE 7.1 miles
N Huron Dr, 147 N Huron Dr 7.1 miles
Bald Eagle Hill Park, 171-199 Joliet St SW 7.3 miles
Brentwood Recreation Center, 2311 14th St NE 7.3 miles
Langdon Park, 2805 20th St NE 7.3 miles
Brentwood Park, 1301-1399 6th St NE 7.4 miles
Randall Recreation Center, 501-599 S Capitol St SE 7.4 miles
1st St SW, 1235-1299 1st St SW 7.5 miles
Friendly High School, 10105 Old Fort Pl 7.9 miles
Noyes Recreation Center, 1001-1049 Franklin St NE 8 miles
Southwest Duck Pond, 744-736 6th St SW 8 miles
Gorla Community Farm, K St NW 8.2 miles
Old Fort Hills Court, 10415 Outlook Ct 8.2 miles
Langley Recreation Center, 101 T St SE 8.3 miles
New York Avenue Playground, 1251-1299 Kirby St NW 8.4 miles
Holloway Estates Park, 9909-9919 Rosaryville Road 8.6 miles
Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, 1148-1182 Michigan Ave NE 8.6 miles
Verizon Center (Washington Wizards), 601-699 G St NW 8.6 miles
Avondale Neighborhood Park, 4907 Eastern Avenue Northeast 8.8 miles
Fort Foote Park, Fort Foote Neighborhood Recreation Center 8.8 miles
Kennedy Recreation Center, 1401 P St NW 8.9 miles
Kingsford Elementary School, 1401 Enterprise Road 8.9 miles
Old Enterprise Road, Old Enterprise Road 9 miles
Cardoza Playground, 1001-1057 Rhode Island Ave NW 9.3 miles
Normal School for Colored Girls, 2536-2548 Georgia Ave NW 9.5 miles
Sligo Creek, Anacostia Tributary Trail System 9.6 miles
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 9.6 miles
Marlton Elementary School, 8506 Old Colony Drive 9.7 miles
Bruce Monroe Community Park, Georgia Ave NW 9.8 miles
Harrison Playground, 2028 13th St NW 9.8 miles
Parkway Court, 6513 Parkway Ct 9.8 miles
Windmill Hill Park, Gibbon St 9.8 miles
Charles Houston Rec Center 9.9 miles
North Patrick Street, North Patrick Street 9.9 miles
Marlton Neighborhood Park, 9200 Fairhaven Avenue 10 miles
Parkview Recreation Center, 700 Princeton Pl NW 10 miles
Stead Playground, 1635 P St NW 10 miles

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