1. United States
  2. Denver, CO
  3. 4485 Crystal St

Village Place Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 53° F


27 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
02:36 PM


Time until Sunset
03:35 hrs

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Basketball courts near Village Place Park

Name Distance Rating
Montebello Rec Center, 12955 Albrook Dr 0.6 miles
Nome Park, 1100-1198 Nome Street 3.3 miles
Hoffman Park, 12250-12298 Hoffman Blvd 3.5 miles
Del Mar Park, E 6th Ave 3.8 miles
Hoops Park, Norfolk St 4.3 miles
Fulton Park, 9973-10099 Lowry Pl 4.4 miles
Green Valley West Park, E 45th Ave 4.4 miles
Lowry Park, Clinton Street 4.5 miles
Paul Beck Rec Center, 945 Telluride St 4.8 miles
Martin Luther King Park, 6800-6898 E 39th Ave 5.3 miles
Singletree Park, 5745 Genoa Street 5.3 miles
Lowry Park, Sports Boulevard 5.9 miles
Pioneer Park, E 60th Ave 6 miles
Rocky Ridge Park, 1153 S Lewiston Way 6.2 miles
Smiley Middle School, 2540 Holly St 6.4 miles
Tierra Park, 14801 E Asbury Ave 6.7 miles
Mayfair Park, 1000 Ivy St 6.9 miles
Blesses Sacrament Catholic School, 1973 Elm St 7.1 miles
Park Hill Elementary, 5050 E 19th Ave 7.1 miles
Clayton Park Courts, 3201-3299 Cherry St 7.2 miles
Palmer Elementary School, 995 Grape St 7.2 miles
Lindsley Park, 4600-4698 E 12th Ave 7.6 miles
Side Creek Park, 1734 S Cathay St 7.9 miles
Amos Steck School, 4300-4398 East 5th Avenue 8.1 miles
Garland Park, S Monaco Pkwy 8.1 miles
Jewish Community Center, 350 S Dahlia St 8.2 miles
McMeen Elementary School, McMeen Elementary School 8.2 miles
Teller Elementary, 1150 Garfield St 8.2 miles
Bruce Randolph School, 2838 East 40th Avenue 8.3 miles
Meadowood Rec Center, 3062-3090 S Laredo St 8.4 miles
24 Hour Fitness, 4100 E Alameda Ave 8.7 miles
Columbine Elementary School, 2899-2801 Elizabeth Street 8.7 miles
Waldorf School Court, 940 Fillmore St 8.9 miles
Arrowhead Elementary School, 19100 E Bates Ave 9 miles
Hilltop Park, 3333 S Salida Way 9 miles
Congress Park, 2805 E 9th Ave 9.1 miles
Good Shepherd Catholic School, 620 Elizabeth St 9.3 miles
James A Bible Park, High Line Canal Trail 9.3 miles
Ellis Elementary School, 1651 South Dahlia Street 9.4 miles
Fuller Park Court, 1600-1698 E 29th Ave 9.4 miles
Curtis Park, 32nd St 10 miles
26th and Ogden, 2561 Ogden St 10 miles
Merrill Middle School, 1551 S Monroe St 10 miles

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