1. United States
  2. Columbus, OH
  3. 1120 Georgesville Road

Some place by some horses



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 40° F


74 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
12:26 PM


Time until Sunset
05:44 hrs

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Basketball courts near Some place by some horses

Name Distance Rating
Georgian Heights Park, 784 Georgian Drive 0.7 miles
Riverbend Park, 3420 Western Hill Rd 2.1 miles
Green Countrie Park, 5753 Morningstar Drive 2.5 miles
Westgate Park, 3101-3179 Wicklow Rd 2.5 miles
Hilltop Swim Club, 2685 Valleyview Dr 3.7 miles
Hauntz Park, Columbian Ave 4.7 miles
Rhodes Park, Sullivant Trace Trail 4.8 miles
Keller Farm Park, White Rd 5.7 miles
McKinley Park, N Central Ave 268 5.7 miles
Grandview Heights Middle School, 1264 Fairview Avenue 5.9 miles
C Ray Buck Park, 835 Palmer Road 6.2 miles
Pinnacle Community Center, 2044 Berry Hill Dr 6.2 miles
Hyde Park, 2868 Frazell Rd 6.5 miles
Pierce Park, 1139-1199 Hilo Lane 6.6 miles
Dodge Park, 323-383 Scioto Boulevard 7.2 miles
Fred Beekman Park, Fred Beekman Park Trail 7.4 miles
Jesse Owens West Park, 1999-2001 Kenny Rd 7.4 miles
Lou Berliner Park, Lower Scioto Greenway (Olentangy/Scioto Greenways) 7.6 miles
Hilliard Memorial Middle School, 5600 Scioto Darby Road 7.7 miles
Hastings Middle School, 3861 Reed Road 7.9 miles
Hilliard Community Center, 3800 Veterans Memorial Dr 7.9 miles
Windermere Elementary, 4101 Windermere Road 7.9 miles
Goodale Park, 190-218 West Goodale Street 8 miles
Indian Trails Park, 6162 Rising Sun Drive 8.1 miles
RPAC Outdoor, The Ohio State University 8.2 miles
W 5th Ave & Forsythe Ave, 210 W 5th Ave 8.2 miles
Fifth Avenue Alternative Elementary School, 100 West 4th Avenue 8.4 miles
Thompson Park, W 5th Ave 8.4 miles
11th Ave, The Ohio State University 8.6 miles
East 3rd Avenue, E 3rd Ave 8.6 miles
Schiller Park, 1001-1069 Jaeger St 8.6 miles
Southeast Lions Park, 166-196 Hinkle Avenue 8.6 miles
Africentric school, 467-523 S Grant Ave 8.8 miles
Tuttle Park, 141-281 W Oakland Ave 8.8 miles
Parsons Avenue Elementary School, 217 Basswood Road 8.9 miles
North High Street & Curl Drive, 23 Curl Dr 9 miles
Weinland Park, N 4th St 9 miles
Buckeye Middle School, 2952 Parsons Avenue 9.2 miles
Clinton Park, Olentangy Greenway 9.3 miles
Parsons & Kossuth Half Court, 880 Parsons Avenue 9.3 miles
Lincoln Park, 580 E Woodrow Ave 9.4 miles
Livingston Park, E Livingston Ave 9.6 miles
Xenos Parking Hoops, 1934 North 4th Street 9.6 miles
Broad Street Courts, 760 E Broad St 9.7 miles
East 20th Avenue, 422 East 20th Avenue 9.7 miles
Homestead Park, Heritage Rail-Trail 9.7 miles
Douglas Elementary School, 861-913 E Capital St 9.8 miles
Karson Playground, 892-916 Mithoff St 9.9 miles
Milo-Grogan Community Rec Center, E 2nd Ave 9.9 miles

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