1. United States
  2. Austin, TX
  3. 12410 Alameda Trace Cir




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Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Clear sky


Max 66° F


39 %


Moderate Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
02:28 PM


Time until Sunset
03:58 hrs

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Basketball courts near Riata

Name Distance Rating
Davis Elementary School, Angus Rd 0.8 miles
First Church Of God, Angus Rd 0.9 miles
Schroefer Park, 11705-11715 Big Trail 1.3 miles
McNeil High School, 5720 McNeil Drive 1.5 miles
Stepping Stone School, 7700 W Parmer Ln 1.7 miles
Balcones Park Court, 12017 Amherst Dr 2 miles
Summit Elementary, Amherst Drive 2 miles
Stonelake Park, 10850 Stonelake Blvd 2.2 miles
Deerpark Middle School, 8849 Anderson Mill Road 2.5 miles
Amberglen Boulevard, 9300-9400 Amberglen Blvd 3.3 miles
Talleyran Park, 10210 Talleyran Dr 4 miles
Neenah Avenue, Neenah Ave 4.3 miles
Katherine Fleischer Park, Klattenhoff Dr 4.4 miles
Pillow Elementary School, 3025 Crosscreek Drive 4.4 miles
Walnut Creek Park, Walnut Creek Park Rd 4.5 miles
Wells Branch Recreation Center, 3000 Shoreline Drive 4.5 miles
Great Oaks Park, Great Oaks Dr 4.6 miles
Burnet Middle School, 8401 Hathaway Drive 4.8 miles
Cargill Drive, 4006 Cargill Dr 4.8 miles
Grisham Middle School, 10720-10906 Lake Creek Pkwy 4.8 miles
O'Connor Park, O'Connor Dr 5.1 miles
Canyon Creek Park, 10984 Boulder Ln 5.4 miles
Avery Ranch community court, 14224 Marathon Rd 5.5 miles
Lucy Read, Pineleaf Pl 5.5 miles
Frontier Park, 810 Lasso Dr 5.6 miles
North Hills Drive, 3456 N Hills Dr 5.6 miles
Northwest Park 5.6 miles
Purple Sage Elementary, 11801 Tanglebriar Trail 5.6 miles
Brushy Creek Sports Park, 2310 Brushy Creek Rd 5.8 miles
Canyon Creek, 10312 Kariba Cove 5.9 miles
Brentwood Park, 6724-6898 Arroyo Seco 6.3 miles
Sheltered Court, 7701-7899 Guadalupe Street 6.4 miles
South Lynnwood Trail, 708 S Lynnwood Trail 6.5 miles
Dell Way Park, 506 Dell Way 6.6 miles
Northwest Recreation Center, 2901 Northland Drive 6.7 miles
Gus, 1201 East Rundberg Lane 6.9 miles
Green Slopes Park, 1501 Catherine Ct 7.3 miles
Milburn Community Park, Eagle Wing Dr 7.5 miles
Texas Baptist Childrens Home, 1263 N Mays St 7.5 miles
Nelson Ranch Park, 902 Nelson Ranch Rd 7.7 miles
North Heatherwilde Boulevard, North Heatherwilde Boulevard 7.9 miles
Camp Mabry, Fairview Dr 7.9 miles
Creekside Park, Buttercup Creek Blvd 7.9 miles
Ramsey Playground, 4301-4399 Rosedale Ave 8.1 miles
Ridgetop Elementary School, Clarkson Ave 8.5 miles
Sun Tree Park, 5300 River Pl Blvd 8.5 miles
PFC Robert P. Hernandez Middle School, 1901 Sunrise Road 8.6 miles
Shipe Park, 4400-4498 Avenue G 8.6 miles
Settlement Park, David Curry Drive 8.8 miles
Highland Park, 713 Lassen Volcanic Drive 9.1 miles
Adams Park, 200-298 W 30th St 9.4 miles
Dottie Jordan Rec Center, 2901-2999 Loyola Ln 9.4 miles
Ridgeview Middle School, 2000 Via Sonoma Trail 9.4 miles
Bartholomew Park, 1800 E 51st St 9.4 miles
Chandler Creek Recreation Center, Chandler Creek Trail 9.5 miles
High Country Park, 2910 Flower Hill Drive 9.5 miles
Blackland Prairie Elementary School, 2005 Via Sonoma Trail 9.6 miles
Harris Park, 3208 Beanna Street 9.6 miles
Patterson Park, 4100 Airport Boulevard 9.6 miles
Eastwoods Park, Eastwoods Park Trail 9.7 miles
West Enfield Park, 1500-1624 Winsted Ln 10 miles
Mueller Court , 4013 Mendez St 10 miles

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