1. United States
  2. Aurora, CO
  3. 14801 E Asbury Ave

Tierra Park



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Overcast clouds


Max 30° F


33 %


Strong breeze

Local Time

Local Time
11:37 AM


Time until Sunset
06:09 hrs

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Basketball courts near Tierra Park

Name Distance Rating
Rocky Ridge Park, 1153 S Lewiston Way 1.5 miles
Meadowood Rec Center, 3062-3090 S Laredo St 1.8 miles
Hilltop Park, 3333 S Salida Way 2.7 miles
Hoops Park, Norfolk St 3.2 miles
Arrowhead Elementary School, 19100 E Bates Ave 3.5 miles
Side Creek Park, 1734 S Cathay St 3.5 miles
Hoffman Park, 12250-12298 Hoffman Blvd 3.8 miles
Del Mar Park, E 6th Ave 3.9 miles
Wagontrail, 4740 S Buckley Rd 3.9 miles
Paul Beck Rec Center, 945 Telluride St 4.2 miles
Nome Park, 1100-1198 Nome Street 4.4 miles
Aqua Vista Court, 18700 East Wagontrail Circle 4.7 miles
Fulton Park, 9973-10099 Lowry Pl 5 miles
The Trails Rec Center, 16799 E Lake Ave 5.1 miles
Spring Creek, S Himalaya St 5.3 miles
Lowry Park, Clinton Street 5.5 miles
Lakeview Park, 11472-11480 E Orchard Rd 5.6 miles
Lowry Park, Sports Boulevard 5.9 miles
Rosamond Park, 7730-7768 East Princeton Avenue 6.2 miles
James A Bible Park, High Line Canal Trail 6.6 miles
Falcon Creek Middle School, 6100 South Genoa Street 6.7 miles
Village Place Park, 4485 Crystal St 6.7 miles
Garland Park, S Monaco Pkwy 6.9 miles
Tommy Davis Park, 5970 South Akron Circle 6.9 miles
Montebello Rec Center, 12955 Albrook Dr 7 miles
Green Valley West Park, E 45th Ave 7.4 miles
McMeen Elementary School, McMeen Elementary School 7.4 miles
Club Greenwood, 801 S Quebec St 8 miles
Ellis Elementary School, 1651 South Dahlia Street 8.1 miles
Mayfair Park, 1000 Ivy St 8.1 miles
Jewish Community Center, 350 S Dahlia St 8.2 miles
Palmer Elementary School, 995 Grape St 8.4 miles
24 Hour Fitness, 4100 E Alameda Ave 8.8 miles
Smiley Middle School, 2540 Holly St 8.8 miles
Amos Steck School, 4300-4398 East 5th Avenue 8.9 miles
Lindsley Park, 4600-4698 E 12th Ave 8.9 miles
Martin Luther King Park, 6800-6898 E 39th Ave 8.9 miles
Park Hill Elementary, 5050 E 19th Ave 9 miles
Blesses Sacrament Catholic School, 1973 Elm St 9.1 miles
Merrill Middle School, 1551 S Monroe St 9.1 miles
Singletree Park, 5745 Genoa Street 9.1 miles
Corey Elementary, 1550 S Steele St 9.2 miles
McWilliams Park, East Harvard Gulch Trail 9.6 miles
Teller Elementary, 1150 Garfield St 9.6 miles
Clayton Park Courts, 3201-3299 Cherry St 10 miles

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