Digby Park

Digby Avenue Nottingham United Kingdom

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Digby Park

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Added to map in 2022
by player elliottmiles from United Kingdom.


Full CourtConcrete Floor


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  • Local Time

    Local Time
    02:45 AM

  • Sunrise

    Sunrise in
    02:00 hrs

  • Mild

    Max 59 ° F

  • Humidity

    91 %

  • Clouds

    Few clouds

  • Wind

    Moderate Breeze

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Court Location Tags Distance Check-ins Rating
Outdoor Court Digby Park Digby Avenue, Nottingham NG3 6FD
Photos Park Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
0 mi 0
Outdoor Court Carlton Recreation 48 Cavendish Rd, Carlton NG4 3RX
1.2 mi 0
Outdoor Court Lambley 4 Lambley Ln, Gedling NG4 4WA
1.4 mi 0
FIBA Court Nottingham Wildcats Arena Greenwood Road, Nottingham
1.9 mi 0
Outdoor Court King Edward Park Court King Edward Park, Calton Road, Nottingham NG3 2AR
Park Check-ins
2.7 mi 1
Outdoor Court Sneinton Greenway Park Sneinton Greenway Park, Nottingham
Park Check-ins
2.7 mi 1
Outdoor Court Victoria Park Victoria Park, Nottingham NG1
Park Check-ins
3 mi 1
Outdoor Court Colville Street Basketball Court 8 Colville Street, Nottingham NG1 4HQ
Comments Highly Rated Check-ins Multiple Courts Regulation Height Concrete Floor Pick-Up Games Wheelchair Access
3.6 mi 3
Outdoor Court Forest Court Forest Recreation Ground (Stop FO15), Nottingham NG5 2BQ
Highly Rated Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor Pick-Up Games
3.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court Forest Recreation Grounds Court forest recreation ground, Nottinghqm
3.7 mi 1
Outdoor Court Bridgeford Park 40 Bridgford Rd, Nottingham NG2 6AP
Park Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor Pick-Up Games Lighting
3.8 mi 0
Outdoor Court Victoria Embankment Park 10 Felton Rd, Nottingham NG2 2AA
Park Check-ins
4.1 mi 1
Outdoor Court Cope Street 19 Cope St, Nottingham NG7 5LS
4.7 mi 1
Outdoor Court The Cage (2 half courts) 277-289 Derby Rd, Nottingham NG7 2DX
5.5 mi 1
Outdoor Court Uni outdoor court University West Entrance (Stop UN33), Nottingham NG7 2QY
Highly Rated Full Court Regulation Height Rubber Floor
7.4 mi 0
Outdoor Court Willouby Courts 3 Willoughby Cl, Nottingham NG7 2QE
Highly Rated Full Court Dunk Rims Rubber Floor Pick-Up Games
7.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court Beechdale Court 39-89 Beechdale Rd, Nottingham NG8 3AE
7.6 mi 1
Outdoor Court University Park Sports Centre Nottingham
Park School Check-ins
7.7 mi 1
Outdoor Court Woodside Road Derby Rd, Nottingham NG9 2SF
8.1 mi 1
Outdoor Court The Shed Basketball Court 32 Leslie Ave, Beeston NG9 1GL
8.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court strelley recreational grounds strelley road, Nottingham NG8 6NA
Highly Rated Check-ins Multiple Courts Dunk Rims Concrete Floor Pick-Up Games
8.8 mi 1
Outdoor Court Kimberley Recreation Park 24 Lime Cl, Nuthall NG16 2NE
10.1 mi 0
Outdoor Court East Leake Basketball Court 8 Gotham Rd, Loughborough LE12 6JG
Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
11.5 mi 0
Outdoor Court Gibbons Rd Princes St, Mansfield NG18 5SP
12.8 mi 0
Outdoor Court West Park West Park, Nottingham NG10 3NL
Park Highly Rated Full Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor
13.5 mi 0
Outdoor Court Stuart St Stuart St, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 5AS
14.3 mi 0
Outdoor Court Station court Sidings Walk, Loughborough LE11 1EX
15.5 mi 0
Outdoor Court Rendell st 1 Rendell St, Loughborough LE11 1LJ
15.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Cumberland Road 82 Cumberland Rd, Loughborough LE11 5DX
16.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court Radmoor Court 28 Radmoor Rd, Loughborough LE11 3BS
16.6 mi 0