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St Margaret Clitherow School



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Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Few clouds


Max 47° F


65 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
10:38 PM


Time until Sunrise
09:17 hrs

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Basketball courts near St Margaret Clitherow School

Name Distance Rating
Brentfield Primary School, 32 Crouch Rd 0.9 miles
Stonebridge School, 5-23 Milton Ave 1.3 miles
Roe Green Park, kingsbury rd 1.8 miles
Gladstone Park, 21-57 Kendal Rd 2 miles
Roundwood Park, 45 Tower Road 2 miles
Eton Grove, London NW9 2.3 miles
Rushgrove Park, Colindale 2.3 miles
Twyford Abbey Road Park, Twyford Abbey Road 2.4 miles
Tenterden Sports Ground, 24 Silverholme Close 2.6 miles
Montrose Park Basketball Court, 26 The Greenway 2.7 miles
Queensbury Park, 125 St Paul's Ave 2.7 miles
Hendon Park, Hendon Central 3.1 miles
Beacon, Depot Approach 3.3 miles
Linford Christie Stadium, Woodmans Mews 3.5 miles
Sunnyhill Park 3.5 miles
Trinity Way, Trinity Way 3.5 miles
Tiverton Green Public Outdoor Court, 79 The Avenue 3.6 miles
Acton Park, 118 The Vale 3.7 miles
Southfields Playing Fields 3.9 miles
Basing Hill Park, Hendon Way 4 miles
Becklow Road, 9 Becklow Rd 4 miles
S Africa Rd/ BBC, South Africa Road 4.1 miles
Stonegrove Park, Stonegrove Park 4.1 miles
Pitshanger Park 4.3 miles
The Harrow Club, 187 Freston Road 4.4 miles
Ravenscourt Park, 23 Ravenscourt Park 4.6 miles
Iverson Road, 88-164 Iverson Rd 4.6 miles
Ashmore Court, 63-95 Ashmore Rd 4.7 miles
Edgewarebury Park, Edgewarebury Ln 4.7 miles
Kilburn Grange Park, 32-54 Messina Ave 4.7 miles
Dean Gardens, Dean Gardens 5.2 miles
Carville Hall Park, 38 Clayponds Ln 5.3 miles
Ealing Road Court, 224-232 S Ealing Rd 5.3 miles
Worcester Court, Harrow Road 5.3 miles
Hammersmith Bridge, Hammersmith Bridge (L) 5.4 miles
Paddington Rec, 110 Morshead Road 5.4 miles
Hanwell Community Centre, 4 Alcott Close 5.6 miles
Perivale Park 5.6 miles
Great Church Lane, Great Church Lane 5.7 miles
Thames Valley University, 172-190 B452 5.8 miles
Earsby Street, Earsby St 5.9 miles
Oldfield Recreation Ground 5.9 miles
C-Park(Harrow Recreational Ground), Beresford Rd 43 6 miles
C-Park(Harrow recreation ground), Beresford Rd 43 6 miles
Hindes Rd, 43 Beresford Rd 6 miles
Chamberlain Road, 18 Chamberlain Rd 6.2 miles
Lillie Road, Purcell Crescent Path 6.2 miles
Rowberry Mead, 107 Queensmill Road 6.2 miles
North Sheen (Half Court), North Sheen Recreation Ground, North Road 6.3 miles
Elthorne Park, Wyke Gardens 6.3 miles
Gurney Drive, Gurney Dr 6.3 miles
Mortlake Green, 22 Cromwell Pl 6.3 miles
Swiss Cottage indoor court, Swiss Cottage Sports Centre 6.3 miles
Alwyne Road Park, 19 Manor Court Road 6.4 miles
Normand Park, 5A Normand Road 6.4 miles
Ludovick Walk, 11-53 Ludovick Walk 6.6 miles
West Harrow Rec Ground 6.6 miles
Whitings School, 6-7 Quinta Dr 6.7 miles
Bishops Park, 2 Stevenage Road 6.8 miles
Ravenor Park, 28 Pembroke Rd 6.9 miles
Tresham Crescent, 27 Tresham Crescent 7 miles
Worple Way Court (Half Court), 4 Worple Way 7.1 miles
Aberford Road, 58-64 Brook Rd 7.2 miles
Roehampton University, 227 Clarence Ln 7.3 miles
Walham Green, 6-13 Musgrave Crescent 7.3 miles
Cherry Tree Wood, Cherry Tree Wood 7.4 miles
Hurlingham Park, 99 Hurlingham Road 7.5 miles
Cambrian Centre, 1 Grove Road 7.6 miles
Malden Road, Malden Road 7.6 miles
Haverstock School, 1-11 Crogsland Rd 7.7 miles
Barnet playing fieilds, Barnet Playing Fields 7.7 miles
Holybourne Avenue, 95 Hersham Cl 7.8 miles
Dilton Gardens, 1 Durford Cres 8 miles
Wanborough Drive, Eashing Point 8 miles
Eastwood Road, 19 Eastwood Rd 8 miles
South Park Lodge, South Park Lodge 8 miles
St Alban's Road, St Alban's Rd 8 miles
Talacre Community Sports Centre, 1 Dalby St 8 miles
Castlehaven Courts, Castlehaven Rd 8.3 miles
Bethune Park, 2-32 Gresham Ave 8.4 miles
Rectory Park, 123 Rectory Park Avenue 8.4 miles
Cranleigh Gardens 8.5 miles
Stroud Cresent Court, 8 Stroud Cres 8.5 miles
Cumberland Market, Cumberland Market 8.6 miles
Deane Park, 50 Queens Walk 8.6 miles
Girdlestone park, Vorley road 8.7 miles
Archway park, Archway road 8.9 miles
Camden Town Cage, Barnby St 8.9 miles
New Southgate Recreation Groud, 162 Oakleigh Rd S 9 miles
Cantelowes Gardens, Camden Road 9 miles
Inwood Park 9 miles
Lime Tree Park, 27 Thorndike Ave 9 miles
St James Gardens, 3 Cobourg St 9 miles
Ebury Bridge Estate, Ebury Bridge Rd 9.2 miles
Somers Town Community Sports Centre‎, 130-136 Chalton St 9.2 miles
St James's Close 9.2 miles
Kneller Rd 9.3 miles
Oak Hill Park, 19 Parkside Gardens 9.3 miles
Alexandra Palace Court, 5 The Avenue 9.4 miles
Philmore Recreational Ground, Gills Hill 39 9.4 miles
Albert Road Recreational Courts, 28 Bidwell Gardens 9.5 miles
Elthorne park, Elthorne Park, Hazellville road 9.5 miles
Peabody Ave, Peabody Ave 9.5 miles
Caledonian Park Court, Market Road 9.6 miles
Durnsford Road Recreation Ground, Durnsford Road Recreation Ground 9.6 miles
Kingsnympton Park, Kingsnympton Park 9.6 miles
Alderny Street, 122 Alderney St 9.7 miles
Hawker Center, 10 Chivenor Grove 9.7 miles
Johnsons Place, Johnson's Pl 9.8 miles
Manor Gardens, 20 Ingleby Rd 9.8 miles
Meadway, 64 Meadway 9.8 miles
Priory Park, Priory Park 9.8 miles
Argyle Square Public Basketball Court‎, Argyle Square 9.9 miles
Bingfield Park, 2261 Pembroke St 9.9 miles
Alexandra Palace 10 miles
Garratt Park, Garratt Ln 10 miles
Pimlico Academy, Pimlico Academy 10 miles

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