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FIBA Equipment and Venue

The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre was born from the believe that an increase in quantity and quality of worldwide sports premises would serve as a major catalyst for the growth and development of the sport of basketball.

To meet its objective of attaining a high standard of quality, safety and technology, constant control and inspection of facilities and equipment is required. The Equipment & Venue Centre does this through the FIBA Approval Programme for Basketball Equipment. To see a full list of approved indoor equipment, view by category here and for outdoor equipment here.

Learn more about the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre at

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Basketball Courts Near Sporthal Nijlan

Court Location Type of Court Distance Check-ins Rating
Anjenplein Anjenplein 70 Outdoor Court Outdoor 1.3 mi 0
Birdplein Birdplein 118 Outdoor Court Outdoor 1.5 mi 0
Dammelaan Dulfplein 106 Outdoor Court Outdoor 1.6 mi 0
Paulus Akkermanwei Paulus Akkermanwei 1 Outdoor Court Outdoor 2 mi 0
Mondriaanstraat Mondriaanstraat 114 Outdoor Court Outdoor 2.2 mi 0
Het Kalverdijkje Kalverdijkje 77-A FIBA Court FIBA 3.2 mi 0
basketbal veldje tytjerk Rijksstraatweg 18 Outdoor Court Outdoor 9.3 mi 0
De Bolle De Bolle 10 Outdoor Court Outdoor 10.4 mi 0
Jaap Klaassen Hal Ballumerweg 30 Outdoor Court Outdoor 17.5 mi 0