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The local language in Japan is Japanese, the capital city is Tokyo (東京都). You can say “バスケットボールのコート” for “basketball court“, and “バスケットボールをする” for “playing basketball“. 橋本市 is the local language name for Hashimoto, too.

  • Local Time

    Local Time
    03:00 PM

  • Sunset

    Sunset in
    03:57 hrs

  • Hot

    Max 94 ° F

  • Humidity

    55 %

  • Clouds

    Broken clouds

  • Wind

    Light Breeze

Player Comments

  1. “Open 7am to 10pm with good lighting. Court ground is not perfect but not bad. Lots of good players come at night and on weekends.” – Challenger (9 years ago)

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Court Location Tags Distance Check-ins Rating
Outdoor Court Inagi North Park Tama City 206-0021
Photos Park
8.1 mi 0
Outdoor Court Showa Kinen Park 3173 Midori-cho Tachikawa City, Akishima 196-0035
Photos Comments Park Highly Rated
8.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Akigawa Japan, Akiruno 197-0804
10.8 mi 0
Outdoor Court Johoku Ryokutikouen Inagi City 206-0811
11.3 mi 0
Outdoor Court Koganei Park Musashino 180-0021
Photos Park Highly Rated
14.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Ikoi no Mori Kouen Japan, Nishitokyo 188-0002
16.7 mi 0
FIBA Court Yokohama international swimming pool arena Yokohama
16.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Nissan Field Kozukue Yokohama 222-0036
Photos Comments Highly Rated Check-ins
18 mi 1
Outdoor Court Suginami City Suginami City
19 mi 0
FIBA Court Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground Gymnasium Setagaya
Park School
21.4 mi 0
Outdoor Court Komazawa Park Komazawa Olympic Park, Tokyo
Photos Park Highly Rated Check-ins Half Court Regulation Height Concrete Floor Pick-Up Games Wheelchair Access
21.5 mi 1
Outdoor Court みずほ台公園 Japan, Fujimi 354-0017
Photos Half Court Bad Rims Dirt Floor Pick-Up Games
21.6 mi 0
Outdoor Court ふじみのcourt Japan, Fujimi 354-0036
Photos Highly Rated Half Court Regulation Height Rubber Floor Pick-Up Games
22.3 mi 0
Outdoor Court Yamashitacho Basketball Court Yokohama 231-0023
22.5 mi 1
Outdoor Court Yokohama Jogakuin High School 神奈川県横浜市中区山元町1丁目, Yokohama 231-0862
School Check-ins
22.5 mi 1
Outdoor Court Omondairoku Jr High School Tokyo
School Check-ins
23.4 mi 1
Outdoor Court Misono Elementary School 1 Chome-25-11 Misono, Itabashi 175-0091
24 mi 0
Outdoor Court Yoyogi Park Yoyogi Park, Tokyo 150-0041
Photos Comments Park Highly Rated Check-ins Multiple Courts Regulation Height Concrete Floor Pick-Up Games Lighting Wheelchair Access
24.2 mi 4
Outdoor Court Fureai Dori Court Tokyo 160-0023
Photos Check-ins Multiple Courts Pick-Up Games Lighting
24.3 mi 1
Outdoor Court Nakameguro Park 2-chōme-3-14 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku 153-0061
Photos Park Check-ins Half Court
24.5 mi 1
Outdoor Court Jordan Court Bichiku Park, Tokyo 150-0002
Photos Comments Check-ins
24.7 mi 1
Outdoor Court Hyakunin-cho Sanchoume Japan, Tokyo 169-0073
Photos Check-ins
25 mi 1
Outdoor Court Okubo Park 2 Chome-43 Kabukicho, Tokyo 160-0021
Photos Comments Park Highly Rated Check-ins
25.1 mi 1
Outdoor Court Chrome Court 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山6丁目3−14, Tokyo 107-0062
Comments Check-ins
25.5 mi 1
Outdoor Court Meiji Jingu Stadium 明治神宮野球場, Tokyo 150-0001
25.6 mi 1
Outdoor Court Hirobajdo Park Ota City
Photos Comments Park Half Court Bad Rims Dirt Floor Pick-Up Games Wheelchair Access
25.7 mi 0
Outdoor Court Takadanobaba 3x3 Basketball Court Shin Mejiro Dori, Tokyo 161-0033
Photos Comments Park School Highly Rated Check-ins Half Court Regulation Height Pick-Up Games Lighting Court Lines Water Fountain Wheelchair Access Available to Rent Pay to Enter Membership Required Limited Hours Open
25.8 mi 2
Outdoor Court International School of the Sacred Heart 4-3-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012
Photos Comments School Check-ins
25.8 mi 1
Outdoor Court Nishitomihisa Jido Kouen Tomihisa-cho Nishi crossroad, Tokyo 162-0067
25.9 mi 1
FIBA Court Ota City General Gymnasium Ōta
25.9 mi 0