Must Hoop : The Venice Beach Basketball Courts

Right next to the worldwide famous Muscle Beach and Gym in Los Angeles, California, are the legendary Venice Beach Basketball Courts, which is a “must hoop” streetball court.

It is said that the best pickup basketball in the city of Los Angeles can be found at these courts. They attract players of all ages and skill levels and the courts at Venice Beach are some of the most well-known in the U.S. and even the world.

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Everything You Need to Know About Basketball Hoop Nets

While we focus on rating courts and hoops, let’s not forget about the all important basketball hoop net. How could you give a 5-start review of a court without a net or broken net? You just can’t do it.

The most common warn streetball nylon net

When a net is not in place on a rim, it can sometimes leave you wondering whether or not a shot was a make or a miss. There is also the matter of chasing after your ball, which is never fun.

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The Top 10 Outdoor Basketball Courts in the World

There are basketball courts everywhere in the world, but there are a handful legendary with history going back 50-60 years and newer must play courts so memorable they have to be included. Courts of the World takes a shot at identifying the top 10 outdoor streetball basketball courts.

Pigalle in Paris France Has The Most Stylish Court
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Must Hoop : Titan Love Court in Manila, Philippines

Growing up as a kid loving the game of basketball, I got well acquainted with outdoor courts. Where I’m from, and many other places around the world, the playing courts are known as the locations for competitive competitions to take place. These competitions can mean and translate to much more than just a simple basketball game. They create a place for community and friendships, as well as present struggles such as adversity and hardships, that help build both physical and mental toughness. I have learned many great qualities from growing up on outdoor courts that still apply to my game today. And there are thousands of NBA players that also have the same testament.

Now, I have grown up and I’m currently playing professional basketball which has enabled me to travel around the world and see many different basketball courts and arenas.

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