5 Most Beachin’ Basketball Courts in San Diego

San Diego has had a rough history with professional basketball teams, but that doesn’t mean that there are a shortage of ballers here. Throughout America’s finest city, there are many hidden gems that even many locals do not know about. The beautiful beaches, temperate climate, and chill people provide San Diego with the perfect environment for scenic courts and fun pickup experiences. In this list we will go over the 5 most beautiful, least visited, and overall best places to play basketball on the beach in San Diego.

5. Mission Bay Courts

Mission Bay court at 11am on a Monday
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Must Hoop : The Hoosier Gym in Indiana

The location for the filming of the Hickory Gym scenes in the 1986 film “Hoosiers” is a gem if you consider the history there. Built in 1921, it was originally constructed to be the home court for the Knightstown Panthers. The high school stopped playing games there in 1966 and the gym sat dormant until 1985 when the producers of “Hoosiers” discovered it for their movie.

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Devastation Vividly Revitalized on Puerto Rico Basketball Court

Basketball isn’t just a game we all know and love; it’s also a sport that can bring entire communities together for one common goal and a better future. It’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s an entirely different thing to put that vision into action, but the team at Reimagine Basketball are doing just that by changing communities, one court at a time.

John Burgos, Reimagine Basketball Team
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Top 5 Basketball Courts in Toronto

Toronto (aka Drake City) has basketball courts nicer than how your mom treats your significant other during Christmas dinner. If you’re visiting the city or just need a place to hoop, check out one of these Canadian hot spots.

1. Trillium Park – Ontario Place

Created in 2019, this ball court is #builtdifferent.

Photo by Instagram’s @BobbyBeautifull who is also the author of this article
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Must Hoop : Pigalle Basketball Court in Paris

Wedged in between two seemingly monotonous apartment buildings, is one of the most colorful and photographed basketball courts in the world. The Pigalle basketball court is the perfect example of art meeting sports and a “Must Hoop” court for any basketball player living near or traveling through the 9th arrondissement of Paris, France.

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