Courts of the World Team Presents at FIBA Partners Summit

The Courts of the World team was in Antwerp, Belgium for the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre’s bi-annual Partners’ meeting. The summit was opened by Hamane Niang, President of FIBA, and then lead by Bart Prinssen, Head of Equipment & Venue Centre, and Jasmine Long, FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre Senior Associate.

Ryan O’Leary, Stephan Belitz, and Claas Garthoff
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The Colourful Basketball Courts of Lisbon, Portugal

Planning a trip to Portugal’s capital? Pack your most colourful kicks because it’s likely you’ll hoop on a work of art. Here is a little background on the good folks making these great environments and our top 3 favourite colourful courts in Lisbon:

The vibrant basketball courts of Lisbon
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Featured Player – Michael Overgaard

Denmark based Michael Overgaard has added 98 courts since he joined as a contributor a year ago, and in that short time has added more photos out of any other member. While we have solid coverage of courts on our Courtfinder map in the Nordic country, Overgaard has found all those courts that you are likely to miss.

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5 Most Photographed Outdoor Basketball Courts

With the growth of social media and the internet, there are unlimited photos to look at of basketball courts. On Courts of the World alone, we have over 10,000! For basketball players on the lookout to play on the most unique and beautiful outdoor basketball courts, there are a few that you’ve likely seen over and over becasue of their beauty and uniqueness. This our list of the 5 most photographed basketball courts.

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