Bagnoli Playground in Naples Gets Pandemic Make-Over

Thanks to the basketball community in Naples, Italy, the Bagnoli Playground is now a safe, clean and beautiful place to play basketball. “We came together because of the pandemic.” says Vincenzo Pirozzi the founder of the NBAGNOLI organization along with Andrea Barbato.

“We renewed the court because this place is left to vandals during the day and to darkness during the night. And i believe we need to get people used to beauty to make Napoli a better city.” says the Italian.

Before the make-over, the court was filled with weeds, had an old backboard, and rarely used abandoned court in the middle of town.

Photo by ki_gem

NBAGNOLI networked with other associations to re-style and clean the whole area.

They are still waiting for public garbage collection from the city council, but the group is still up-keeping the new court and even working with another association to support a new dog area.

The court now hosts a safe place for the community to play and watch hoops.


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