What makes a great outdoor basketball court?

New Your City’s Park and Recreation Department maintains over 170 basketball courts in Brooklyn. Wall Street Journal’s Stu Woo went to 172 courts to evaluate every single court.

He used four criteria for judging a court, including:

Size: Every basket on a court was worth three points, though an extra point was given to a court that had two baskets on a full court. (Some courts had only half-courts, usually lined up side-by-side.)

Playing-surface quality: The playing surface was evaluated on levelness, slipperiness and the visibility of paint.

Baskets: Are the rims crooked or rickety? The few courts that had a New York City rarity – nets – got extra points.

Ambience: This was the most subjective category. I tried to answer the question: Is the court in a nice park? The otherwise worn-down Manhattan Beach Park courts, for instance, earned top ambience marks for sitting just yards from the sand and sea.”

The Best Court : Brooklyn Bridge Park

Each category had a maximum score of 25, and only one court scored a perfect 100 and that is the popular Brooklyn Bridge Park (Pier 2) court and the word being Bath Playground / Bath Beach with a score of 17.

Check out the full evaluation, interactive map, and video here at the WSJ.com.


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