How a trip to China inspired the launch of COTW

Back in the summer of 2006, my brother (known around here as CG) found himself in Shanghai, looking for a basketball court where he could check out the local competition. Being abroad – out of your comfort zone and in a place where people talk in riddles – makes things harder than you might imagine.

CG: “You’re 100% sure this is the Emperor’s Palace?”
Cab Driver: “Yes, yes.”

The Chinese, overly polite by nature, nod understandingly even if they have absolutely no clue what the hell you‘re talking about. Any question will be answered with a “Yes,” which is reassuring in a way, but doesn‘t get you an inch closer to a basketball court.

As you can imagine, my brother spent a lot of time in the streets of Shanghai looking for courts, and very little time playing. Back home, he got thinking…. Why wasn‘t there a website that told you where to find streetball courts anywhere in the world? How good the players were? How to get in touch with them?

So we did some research. And found out that there actually were websites that provided lists of streetball courts, but more often than not, an address was missing and you couldn’t really get an idea of the court and the competition. Plus, the sites were always restricted to a single country (keep in mind that this was in 2006).

We then asked ourselves, what a global website would need in order to acknowledge the needs of a basketball-addict that wants to:
a) connect with like-minded people and find the best courts and
b) represent his or her city, turf and skills.

Courts of the World in 2007

The result of months (in fact YEARS) of work can now be experienced at, where you can share anything about your favourite courts, discover new ones and connect with ballers from around the globe! All you need to do is register, add your courts and you‘re ready to go!



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