1. United States
  2. Lake Forest Park, WA
  3. 18500 37th Ave NE

Lake Forest Park Elementary School



Court Properties

Surface Type

No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions




Max 42° F


93 %


Light Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
07:22 AM


Time until Sunset
10:30 hrs

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Basketball courts near Lake Forest Park Elementary School

Name Distance Rating
Pinehurst Playground, 12067-12157 14th Avenue Northeast 3.6 miles
Parkwood Covered Court, 024-15342 Wallingford Ave N 3.7 miles
Victory Heights, 10501-10699 19th Avenue Northeast 4.1 miles
Ingraham High School, 700 N 133rd St 4.2 miles
Hubbard Homestead Park, 11165-11231 5th Avenue Northeast 4.3 miles
Matthews Beach Park, 9512 Lake Shore Blvd NE 4.5 miles
College Place Middle School, 20401-20599 76th Ave W 4.8 miles
Seaview Hall, Edmonds Community College 4.8 miles
Olympic View High School, 504 NE 95th St 5 miles
Broadview-Thomson Elementary School, 13205 Bitter Pl N 5.1 miles
Dahl Playfield, 7500-7698 25th Avenue Northeast 5.4 miles
View Ridge Playfield, 7001-7099 45th Avenue Northeast 5.7 miles
Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, 0 N 90th St 5.8 miles
Magnuson Park, NE 74th St 5.9 miles
Bryant Playground, 6244 40th Avenue Northeast 6 miles
Ravenna-Eckstein Park, 6517 Ravenna Avenue Northeast 6 miles
Green Lake Park, Seattle Parks and Recreation Service Rd. 6.3 miles
Ravenna Park, 5899 16th Avenue Northeast 6.3 miles
Greenwood Park, 8805 Fremont Ave N 6.4 miles
Sandel Playground, 9053 1st Ave NW 6.7 miles
Christie Park, 801-899 Northeast 43rd Street 7.4 miles
Meridian Playground, 4858-4898 Meridian Avenue North 7.4 miles
IMA Courts, 3924 Montlake Blvd NE 7.5 miles
Hec Edmunson Pavilion, Walla Walla Rd 7.6 miles
Van Aalst Park, 1108 3rd St 7.9 miles
Crestwoods Park, 6th St 1800-1998 8 miles
Peter Kirk Park, 301-383 Central Way 8.3 miles
Highlands Park, NE 102nd St 11200-11296 8.4 miles
Montlake Indoor Court, 618 E Calhoun St 8.4 miles
Montlake Outdoor Court, Montlake Playfield 8.4 miles
BF Day Park, 4032-4098 Fremont Ave N 8.5 miles
Salmon Bay School, 6701-6733 18th Ave NW 8.6 miles
Ballard Courts, 1463-1477 Northwest 58th Street 8.7 miles
Prentis I. Frazier Park, 2300 East Harrison Street 9.6 miles
Queen Anne Elementary School, 411 Boston St 9.6 miles
East Queen Anne Playground, 151-199 Newton Street 9.8 miles
Pendleton Miller Playfield, 300 19th Avenue East 9.8 miles
Coe Elementary School, 2424 7th Ave W 9.9 miles
Greater Trinity Academy, 11229 4th Ave W 9.9 miles
John Hay Elementary School, 201 Garfield St 9.9 miles

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