Ravenscourt Park


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United Kingdom, London, 23 Ravenscourt Park

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London, United Kingdom

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Map of Ravenscourt Park, London, United Kingdom

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Player Comments (4)

  • View CaucasianSensation's Profile
    One Of The Best Courts In London

    One of the best outdoor courts in the whole of London due to a recent renovation and the quality of players PLUS not much arguing like at other courts. It has 1 full size court (2 hoops either end) 2 separate half courts that are marked out and are perfect for 3on3/4on4. 1 practice hoop. The court has a long tradition of good Basketball as some of the players have been playing there for 20+ years, mostly Serbian, Polish, Lithuanian, countries that have always produced great Basketball. Then you have the newer generations coming through.. There's a nice mix of age and talent so there is definitely something for everyone. Sunday's from 3pm in the warmer months is the best time to play although evenings can be decent too. See you there. Tarryn.

    Posted on 2016-04-27 by CaucasianSensation | Flag Comment

  • View Limmo's Profile
    Great courts

    Visited the courts in Sep 14, fantastic public courts. Great facilities in a park setting.

    Posted on 2014-11-23 by Limmo | Flag Comment

  • View BaoParty's Profile

    Very good level. Very good shooters and a lot of courts. When I went there in July, it was packed with people. Will definitely go back.

    Posted on 2014-10-21 by BaoParty | Flag Comment

  • View Gaspard63's Profile
    first time in UK

    As a french player, I have been very surprised by the high quality of the court. The basket is quite high (3m10 I guess) and the three points line is also quite far. There is always a some ballers around and it's pretty easy to make a quick game. The level seems to be good, enought for playing seriously.

    Posted on 2013-05-07 by Gaspard63 | Flag Comment

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