Argyle Square Public Basketball Court‎


Basketball Court

United Kingdom, London, Argyle Square

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London, United Kingdom

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Map of Argyle Square Public Basketball Court‎, London, United Kingdom

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  • Argyle Square Public Basketball Court‎

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Player Comments (3)

  • DonnieStuPhil78
    Cold January day balling

    This is a great court. Ground slightly beaten up a little but some great balling to be had here still. Hoops slightly smaller than oiffical size but great with the chain netting. Something other courts need to implement as not enough netted courts around

    Posted on 2019-01-04 by DonnieStuPhil78

  • DrOfnothing
    Ballin in the KX

    King's Cross has always been a bit dodgy, and the court is no exception. Argyll Square is one street south directly from the entrance to King's Cross Station (just go S from the McD's on the corner). In true KX fashion, it's full of boozed-out locals, lounging uni students, pit bulls, screaming children and lost tourists, as well as a children's playground and, in dangerous proximity, a sketchy exercise yard. But inside the cage is an entirely different matter. Although the nets are a little ragged, the court is a recently-updated rubberized surface with excellent traction. The crowd is mostly 18-35, with a mix of guards and big men. The game is competitive, but chill and friendly, and there's always a good crowd workdays from 5 on and weekends kicking off around 3. Court closes 7ish in the summer, a bit earlier in Winter. But even at it's busiest (Sat & Sun.) it's rarely more than a 2-game wait from arrival. Even if you come late, new arrivals (singles or squads) always get first on, which is helpful. Games are usually to 11 by 1's and 2's. It's not a crowd that's down with lots of trash-talking, assy behaviour. And I've seen a squad from the 20 or so regulars really eat someone's lunch for them when they got out of hand with excessive fouls or foolishness (and one guy in particular who regulates, they call him "Hero"). If you ball in North London and don't already prefer Turnpike Lane, KX is a worth a go. It's one of my favourite games in the city.

    Posted on 2015-03-07 by DrOfnothing

  • carlito

    man, this is cool. since when did you add google streetview?

    Posted on 2009-07-21 by carlito

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