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No. of Hoops

Rim Height




Current Conditions


Broken clouds


Max 41° F


86 %


Gentle Breeze

Local Time

Local Time
05:16 AM


Time until Sunrise
01:50 hrs

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Basketball courts near Goffs Lane

Name Distance Rating
Grundy park 1.5 miles
Goffs Oak, 652 Goffs Ln 2.1 miles
Street Court, Hammond street 2.3 miles
Sam's Court, 73 Hertford Road 3.6 miles
Bush Hill Park, 19 Cecil Ave 4 miles
Ponders End, 149 High St 4.2 miles
The Squirrels, Cock Ln 4.2 miles
Town Park 4.5 miles
Haileybury Basketball Court, 2 College Rd 5.3 miles
Rye Park Court, 2 Ogard Road 5.8 miles
Clowes Sports Ground, 39 Laburnum Grove 6 miles
Richard Hale Courts, B158 6.2 miles
Grovelands Park 6.3 miles
Pymmes Park, Victoria Rd 6.3 miles
Tatem Park, 99 New Park Ave 6.4 miles
Hazelwood Sports Ground, 48 Madeira Rd 6.6 miles
Wilbury Way, 32 Wilbury Way 6.8 miles
Adam Road Ball Court, 20-30 Adam Rd 7.1 miles
Tottenhall Sports Ground 7.2 miles
Broomfield Park, 132 A1004 7.5 miles
Pigeon Court, 13 Lena Kennedy Close 7.5 miles
Higham Hill Rec, Hecham Close 7.6 miles
Lloyd and Aveling Park, Forest Road 8 miles
Oak Hill Park, 19 Parkside Gardens 8.3 miles
Stoneydown Park, Blackhorse Road 8.4 miles
Turnpike Lane, Green Lanes 8.7 miles
New Southgate Recreation Groud, 162 Oakleigh Rd S 8.7 miles
St James's Close 8.7 miles
COLT Turnpike Lane, Willoughby Rd 24 8.8 miles
Wood Street Precinct Ball Court, 10 Marlowe Rd 8.8 miles
Albert Road Recreational Courts, 28 Bidwell Gardens 8.9 miles
Bisterne Avenue Park, Bisterne Avenue 8.9 miles
Marlowe Road, 288-296 Marlowe Rd 8.9 miles
Vestry Park, Vestry Road 8.9 miles
Church Hoop, Katherines & Summers Church 9 miles
Alexandra Palace 9.1 miles
Water Lane Primary School, 7 Little Cattins 9.2 miles
Whitehills Road 9.2 miles
Alexandra Palace Court, 5 The Avenue 9.3 miles
Bethune Park, 2-32 Gresham Ave 9.3 miles
Thomas Gamuel Park, 1 Colchester Rd 9.3 miles
Oak Tree Court, 71-133 Bethune Rd 9.5 miles
Ray Park 9.6 miles
Priory Park, Priory Park 9.6 miles
Stationers Park, Stationers Park 9.6 miles
Leyton Manor Park, Leyton, Capworth Street 9.7 miles
Finsbury Park, Finsbury Park 9.9 miles
Leyton Jubilee Park, Seymour Rd 9.9 miles
Fodl Croft, 275 Fold Croft 10 miles

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