Nissan Field Kozukue

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日本, 横浜市

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Yokohama, Japan

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Map of Nissan Field Kozukue, Yokohama, Japan

Basketball Courts near Nissan Field Kozukue

Local Players at Nissan Field Kozukue

  • toshi toshi
  • Nik Nik
  • hoy hoy

Been To Nissan Field Kozukue

  • hoy hoy
  • Nik Nik
  • toshi toshi

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Basketball Photos (2)

  • Another view of the courts under the bridge.
  • The basketball fields are under the bridge, you can't see them on the map.

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Player Comments (3)

  • toshi

    nik san itsumo oo ninzu de kiterundesuka?

    Posted on 2013-09-01 by toshi

  • Nik
    mecha ii coto dayo

    yoru demo dekichau. kaze ga tamani tsuyoiga atowa saiko-. chushajo ari. goal wa 8ko! koncreto mo kirei. motto otona ga fuereba game dekirukedo itsumo kodomo bakari. tonikaku ii coto. ichido kitemiru beki!

    Posted on 2012-04-18 by Nik

  • Nik
    cool full courts!

    nice asphalt, good size rim, 4 full courts and parking is available. Bit windy sometimes but easy to find a open rim most times for some shoot around or game. Lights will be on at nights and bright enough to play i think. pick up games are kinda hard to find as local kids are the frequent plyrs but this court is underrated by far!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on 2012-04-18 by Nik

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