Métro Glacière


Terrain de Basket

France, Paris, 94-98 Boulevard Auguste Blanqui

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Paris, France

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Map of Métro Glacière, Paris, France

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  • Glacière II
  • Glacière

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Player Comments (4)

  • jle

    Terrain situé sous la voie du métro aérien (pas sous la station), donc assez étroit. Malgré ce point, on joue majoritairement en 4x4, ce qui réduit encore l'espace de jeu. Très intéressant pour travailler face à une défense en zone avec peu d'espace. Cercles légèrement trop hauts. panneaux un peu courts. Niveau variable mais globalement assez bon. Ouvert 24/24 et éclairé en soirée.

    Posted on 2015-01-02 by jle

  • Gaspard63

    Very narrow, quite dirty and the level is very variable. there is a lot of better where to play basketball in Paris. The good thing is that it's always open...

    Posted on 2013-05-07 by Gaspard63

  • Noizy
    NYC Atmosphere in Paris

    I went there once and really felt in love with that court! You can play at any time you like, it is always open, feel free to go there, like I did, the people where nice and invited me to join them so don't hesitate! Great atmosphrere with the métro running over your heads, the baskets are nice, only one left with a net but what do you except? Nice spot!

    Posted on 2011-09-21 by Noizy

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