Lions Park


Basketball Court

Australia, West Ryde, 1141-1147 Victoria Rd

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West Ryde, Australia

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Map of Lions Park, West Ryde, Australia

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Player Comments (2)

  • Lionheart120
    A decent one

    Pros: A well floored half court with new board and hoop. Great location with parking available. Nice place for family. Cons: Not well maintained -- Court is dusty, lots a leaves. No lighting for evening - This places looks haunted after sunset. Overall a ball court worth a go, but may not be an absolute first choice unless you are next door. If you looking for pick up games you may have better chance to get some at Eastwood Public which is 5 mins driving away.

    Posted on 2016-04-27 by Lionheart120

  • Roan2013
    My home court

    I grew up on this court and come here once in a while. Thought its not a full size court, there is 2 rings. One is 10 feet and the other is approx about 9 feet. There is no three point line but people have started to mark out ones but not accurate. Its a good place to practice your shooting and do drills as there isnt many players. Plenty of parking and water tap near by. Public Toilets are usually locked up. During the warmer months you will get all sorts of players. Young and old. Difference natios.

    Posted on 2013-08-05 by Roan2013

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