Prince Alfred Park


Basketball Court

Australia, Sydney, Chalmers Street

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Sydney, Australia

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Map of Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, Australia

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Player Comments (5)

  • View DaLuD3D's Profile

    Probably the best place to go in Sydney to place pick up games. The council have lights for after hours, weekdays till 10pm and weekends till a little later, they might have changed now though. Mixed level competition, some really good players down there depending on when you go. Always pick up games, usually 4 on 4. Rarely you see a full court game going. Friday and Saturday are usually the best times to go to play competitive.

    Posted on 2014-04-09 by DaLuD3D | Flag Comment

  • View AndyGoo's Profile

    One of Sydney's best locations has become even better with the addition and renovation of two full-court basketball courts. Built in 2011, these courts are smooth, well marked and under lights till 10pm, which is a HUGE bonus in this city of unlit basketball courts. In fact, the best games are had here when the sun just disappears under the horizon. Like moths to a flame, players seem to merge from all cracks and crevasses ready to prove their skills in what can be a challenging night under the stars. Although the talent can be extremely varied, on a good day you can be guaranteed a fun game. On the down side it can get very busy, so make sure you have a good team, or you could be waiting a long time till you get back on court. Another disappointment is that the courts slope downwards towards the south. Good for clearing rain, but not for shooting a 3 pointer north! There is a little consolation in the fact that 3 out of 4 of the rings are way below official height, two of them almost stupidly. So, anyone that had dreams of "BEING LIKE MIKE", but lacked the genes to make their muscles twitch fast enough, or their bones grow long enough, this COULD be the place for you!

    Posted on 2012-04-06 by AndyGoo via iOS | Flag Comment

  • View dgsmigliani's Profile
    Basketball Courts Added!

    Walked past the other day and noticed they've finally put b'ball courts back up.

    Posted on 2011-01-30 by Someone via iOS | Flag Comment

  • View ryan131313's Profile

    i hope they added basketball courts to the council plans as it looks like only tennis courts are going in.

    Posted on 2010-09-26 by ryan131313 | Flag Comment

  • View dimitris's Profile
    Not anymore!

    It's been shut down as Council are 'renovating' the park. I think it will be ready in mid 2010. Shame, it was the only court in Sydney where you could definitely find someone to play with no matter what time, weather etc...

    Posted on 2009-10-01 by dimitris | Flag Comment

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