Yoyogi Park

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日本, 東京都, Yoyogi Park

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Tokyo, Japan

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Map of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

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Streetball Videos (5)

  • A normal Sunday @ Yoyogi Park
  • 15th AllDay Pro Tournament
  • Alley-Oop and throwdown
  • 1on1 at Yoyogi
  • Some mediocre pickup game in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

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Basketball Photos (3)

  • Pick up ball with students
  • Japanese playing basketball
  • Basketball players in Yoyogi Park, near Meiji Shine and Harajuku

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Player Comments (3)

  • AussieDave
    Looking for

    Abdul and Jason where can I FIND THESE YOYOGI bALLERS ???

    Posted on 2013-06-19 by AussieDave

  • Ronni
    [Other courts]

    Hi I am now in Japan. And so hungry to play basketball. But I want a place close to where I live so I can play every week or everyday if possible. I am living near Noborito station along Nambu Line. Could you recommend me some courts?

    Posted on 2012-04-27 by Ronni

  • hoy
    I know, it's free, but here is what I would have done differently.

    Okay, I know its probably lame to point stuff like this out, since it is a free open park which is rare in Japan, but here goes: 1) Like any outdoor court, it is dirty. For some reason the nice Nike ground the put in attracts all of the dust and dirt from the soccer field on one side and the track and field on the other side. Don't expect to have clean clothes if you play ball here for a while. 2) Quality Nike built court, with standard paint all around, and undersized backboards. I am always amazed when thousands are spent but something so minor as regulation backboards is overlooked. Minor minor thing. 3) This is probably the biggest deal. The fences surrounding the court on three sides are about waist high, meaning you find yourself jumping it to chase down loose balls a lot. All that being said, I like going here because it is busy in the daytime and it slows down at night, so if you want to get your game on with some of the better street ballers in Tokyo, check it out on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and if you just want to practice, check it out after sundown when most of the games are done.

    Posted on 2010-08-07 by hoy

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